Computer Science

Lectures: COMPSCI 369 Semester 1, 2015, City Campus

We have lectures at 3pm Wednesday, 12pm Thursday and 1pm Friday all in 106-204 (BLT204, Old Biology Building)

LectureDateTopicLecturerNotes and slides
Full notes for course (2015 edition) DW Complete notes
1 Mar 2 Introduction to Computational Science DW Notes and Audio
2 Mar 3 Root finding DW Slides, Notes and Audio
3 Mar 4 Review of linear algebra DW Notes and Audio
4 Mar 9 Systems of linear equations DW Notes and audio
5 Mar 10 Factorising matrices DW Notes and audio
6 Mar 11 Singular value decomposition DW Notes, SVD example and audio
7 Mar 16 More on SVD, condition numbers and PCA DW Example, Notes and audio
8 Mar 17 PCA DW Notes and audio.
9 Mar 18 PCA examples and applications DW Simple PCA example, Population structure, Eigenfaces, Notes and audio
10 Mar 23 Least squares and QR DW Least sq examples, Notes and audio
11 Mar 24 Pseudo-inverse DW Notes and audio
12 Mar 30 Intro to genetics DW Notes, Slides, transcription video, translation video, and audio.
13 Mar 31 Probability primer DW Notes and audio
14 Apr 1 Random variables DW Notes, slides, stream and audio
15 Apr 6 Common distributions DW Notes, html notes stream and audio
16 Apr 7 Entropy and Inference DW Notes, slides, stream and audio
17 Apr 8 Simulation and Random processes DW Slides, notes, stream and audio.
18 Apr 13 Mid-term test
19 Apr 14 Poisson and Markov processes DW Notes, slides, stream and audio.
20 Apr 15 Markov process examples, Homology, Scoring alignments DW Notes, slides, stream and audio
21 Apri 27 Global, local alignment algorithms DW Notes, slides, stream and audio.
22 Apr 28 Affine gaps, linear space and multiple sequence alignment DW Notes, slides, audio. No video due to equipment failure.
23 Apr 29 Multiple sequence alignment and UPGMA DW Notes, slides, stream and audio


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