My main research interests are in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering. In particular, I am working on user interface technology, eye-gaze interaction and exergaming. My approach to research is eclectic and focused on the real-world value of scientific results. Some of my work was implemented for the Haiku open-source operating system and is used by the Haiku community. Have a look at videos of some of my research projects.

  • User Interface Technology

    An application can only be as good as its user interface (UI). How can we help developers to specify good UIs? How can we enable average end-users to change bad UIs? We have developed several user interface models and tools, the most prominent being the Auckland Layout Model (ALM) and the Auckland Layout Editor (ALE).

    Selected Publications:
    The Auckland Layout Editor: An Improved GUI Layout Specification Process (UIST 2013) [PDF] [Video]
    Evaluating Direct Manipulation Operations for Constraint-Based Layout (INTERACT 2013) [PDF]
    An Evaluation of Stacking and Tiling Features within the Traditional Desktop Metaphor (INTERACT 2013) [PDF] [Video 1] [Video 2] [Website]
    Comparing the usability of grid-bag and constraint-based layouts (OZCHI 2012) [PDF]
    A tuplespace event model for mashups (OZCHI 2011) [PDF] [Video]
    Document resizing for visually impaired students (OZCHI 2010) [PDF] [Website]
    Multi-platform document-oriented GUIs (AUIC 2009) [PDF] [Video] [Website]
    Domain specific high-level constraints for user interface layout - ALM (Constraints 2008) [PDF]
    Automated reverse engineering of hard-coded GUI layouts (AUIC 2008) [PDF]
    Graphical user interfaces as documents (CHINZ 2006) [PDF]

  • Eye-Gaze Interaction

    Eye-gaze trackers have become very affordable. Can we use them as input devices, in some cases maybe even as a substitute for the mouse? We are exploring exciting new ways to use them in interactive systems.

    Selected Publications:
    Gaze vs. Mouse: A Fast and Accurate Gaze-Only Click Alternative (UIST 2015) [PDF] [Video]
    Eyes & Keys: An Evaluation of Click Alternatives Combining Gaze and Keyboard (INTERACT 2015) [PDF] [Dataset]
    Eyes Only: Navigating Hypertext with Gaze (INTERACT 2013) [PDF]
    Designing for the eye: design parameters for dwell in gaze interaction (OZCHI 2012) [PDF]

  • Exergaming

    Lack of exercise is a big population health problem, especially among younger people. Can we motivate them to exercise by making it part of computer games? Which factors of games are most beneficial for exercise? We are designing and evaluating exergames and other health applications.

    Selected Publications:
    Challenges in Virtual Reality Exergame Design (AUIC 2015) [PDF]
    Development and Evaluation of an Exercycle Game Using Immersive Technologies (HIKM 2015) [PDF] [Video]
    Designing and Evaluating a Patient-centred Health Management System for Seniors (Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 2015) [PDF]
    Leveraging Consumer Sensing Devices for Telehealth (CHINZ 2012) [PDF]

  • Software Tools

    Software is often said to be among the most complex artefacts created by humans. How can we make software development easier and more efficient by using the right tools? We have worked on a number of novel software tools for code generation, testing and debugging.

    Selected Publications:
    FormTester: Effective Integration of Model-Based and Manually Specified Test Cases (ICSE Demo 2015) [PDF] [Video]
    Using OpenGL State History for Graphics Debugging - GLDebug (WSCG 2013) [PDF]
    A type system for reflective program generators - Genoupe (Science of Computer Programming 2010) [PDF]
    Modeling a realistic workload for performance testing (EDOC 2008) [PDF]
    Realistic load testing of Web applications - Angil (CSMR 2006) [PDF]
    A source code independent reverse engineering tool for dynamic web sites (CSMR 2005) [PDF]