Trail: Deployment: Table of Contents
Packaging Programs in JAR Files
Using JAR Files: The Basics
Creating a JAR File
Viewing the Contents of a JAR File
Extracting the Contents of a JAR File
Updating a JAR File
Running JAR-Packaged Software
Working with Manifest Files: The Basics
Understanding the Default Manifest
Modifying a Manifest File
Setting an Application's Entry Point
Adding Classes to the JAR File's Classpath
Setting Package Version Information
Sealing Packages within a JAR File
Signing and Verifying JAR Files
Understanding Signing and Verification
Signing JAR Files
Verifying Signed JAR Files
Using JAR-related APIs
The JarClassLoader Class
The JarRunner Class
Java Web Start
Running Java Web Start Applications
Deploying Java Web Start Applications
Developing Java Web Start Applications
Java Web Start and Security
Common Java Web Start Problems
Questions and Exercises: Java Web Start
Getting Started with Applets
Importing Classes and Packages for Applets
Defining an Applet Subclass
The Life Cycle of an Applet
Methods for Milestones
Methods for Drawing and Event Handling
Methods for Adding UI Components
What Applets Can and Can't Do
Taking Advantage of the Applet API
Finding and Loading Data Files
Displaying Short Status Strings
Displaying Documents in the Browser
Sending Messages to Other Applets
Playing Sounds
Defining and Using Applet Parameters
Deciding Which Parameters to Support
Writing the Code to Support Parameters
Giving Information about Parameters
Using the APPLET Tag
Practical Considerations When Writing Applets
Security Restrictions
Creating a User Interface
Creating a GUI
Displaying Diagnostics to the Standard Output and Error Streams
Getting System Properties
Threads in Applets
Threads in Applets: Examples
Working with a Server-Side Application
A Simple Network Client Applet
Using a Server to Work Around Security Restrictions
Finishing an Applet
Before You Ship that Applet
The Perfectly Finished Applet
Deploying Applets
General Deployment Considerations
Using the applet Tag
Using the object Tag
Using the embed Tag
Deploying Applets in a Mixed-Browser Environment
Solving Common Applet Problems
Questions and Exercises: Java Applets
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