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  1. Which classes can an applet extend?
  2. How do you cause the applet GUI in the browser to be refreshed when data in it may have changed?
  3. For what do you use the start() method?
  4. True or false: An applet can make network connections to any host on the Internet.
  5. How do you get the value of a parameter specified in the APPLET tag from within the applet's code?
  6. True or false: An applet can run multiple threads.
  7. Match the following tag names with the descriptions in the following lists:
    1. EMBED tag
    2. APPLET tag
    3. OBJECT tag

    1. Use to deploy applets to a multi-browser environment.
    2. Use to deploy applets that are to be used only with the Mozilla family of browsers
    3. Use to deploy applets that are to be used only with Internet Explorer


  1. For an applet using the Exercise class, write the Applet tag that sets the ButtonName parameter to Save.
  2. Write the method to display an applet in the browser, so that the contents are contained in a rectangle around the phrase "Exercise Applet". Have the applet be one pixel less than the size specified on the web page, and the phrase starting at the coordinates 5, 15.
Check your answers.
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