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Deploying Applets
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Deploying Applets

This section explains to HTML authors how and when to use the applet, object, and embed tags to add Java applets to Web pages, and provides guidelines for deploying applets on the Internet and Intranets, and for use with different browsers.

General Deployment Considerations

This section discusses deploying applets for different browsers and on the Internet vs. an Intranet.

Using the applet Tag

You use the applet tag to deploy applets to a multi-browser environment.

Using the object Tag

You use the object tag to deploy applets that are to be used only with Internet Explorer.

Using the embed Tag

You use the embed tag to deploy applets that are to be used only with the Mozilla family of browsers.

Deploying Applets in a Mixed-Browser Environment

This section explains how to use HTML or JavaScript to deploy applets in a mixed-browser environment.
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