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Using the applet Tag
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Using the applet Tag

You use the applet tag to deploy applets to a multi-browser environment.

For complete details on the applet tag, read the W3 HTML specification.

Note: The HTML specification states that the applet tag is deprecated, and that you should use the object tag instead. However, the specification is vague about how browsers should implement the object tag to support Java applets, and browser support is currently inconsistent. It is therefore recommended that you continue to use the applet tag as a consistent way to deploy Java applets across browsers on all platforms.

Following is an example of the applet tag:

    <applet code=Applet1.class width="200" height="200">
    Your browser does not support the applet tag.

For both Internet Explorer and the Mozilla family of browsers, if Java Plug-in is installed (version 1.3.1_01a or later) then the latest installed version of Java Plug-in is invoked to run the applet.

Note: You cannot use the applet tag to automatically download a JRE if one is not installed locally.
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