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The Perfectly Finished Applet
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The Perfectly Finished Applet
The previous page lists some of the ways you can avoid making your applet's users want to throttle you. This page tells you about some other ways that you can make dealing with your applet as pleasant as possible.
Make your applet as flexible as possible.
You can often define parameters that let your applet be used in a variety of situations without any rewriting. See Defining and Using Applet Parameters for more information.
Make your applet accessible.
You can design your applet so that it is accessible to all. See How to Support Assistive Technologies for more information.
Implement the getParameterInfo method.
Implementing this method now might make your applet easier to customize in the future. Currently, no browsers use this method. Soon, however, we expect browsers to use this method to help generate a GUI that allows the user to interactively set parameter values. See Giving Information about Parameters for information on implementing getParameterInfo.
Implement the getAppletInfo method.
This method returns a short, informative string describing an applet. Although no browsers currently use this method, we expect them to in the future. Here's an example of implementing getAppletInfo:
public String getAppletInfo() {
    return "GetApplets by Kathy Walrath";
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