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Solving Common Applet Problems
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Solving Common Applet Problems
This section covers some common problems that you might encounter when writing Java applets. After each problem there is a list of possible solutions.

Problem: Applet Viewer says there is no <APPLET> tag on my HTML page, but it really is there.

Problem: I recompiled my applet, but my applet viewing application would not show the new version, even though I told it to reload it. Problem: The background color of my applet causes the applet not to match or flicker, when it is drawn on a page of a different color. Problem: The Applet getImage method doesn't work. Problem: Now that I have copied my applet's class file onto my HTTP server, the applet doesn't work. Problem: I can't get my applet to run. The browser displays a ClassCastException. Problem: Applet is not loaded in my webpage. I see the error "java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file" in my Java Console.
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