Concise Computer Vision

- A One-semester Course -

A 4th-year course in Computer Science taught by Professor Reinhard Klette in the second semester 2014 at Tamaki campus, The University of Auckland, New Zealand (COMPSCI 775).
The course consists of 30 lectures (50 min each), 8 tutorials, three assignments, one supervised camera calibration and recording session with HAKA1, 3 seminars (for student presentations of assignment results), and one review of all the taught material prior to the exam date. The lectures follow material published in the book Concise Computer Vision by Reinhard Klette (January 2014, Springer, London, UK). For example, Amazon sells the Kindle version for less than 50 US-dollars.

Tutors: Dongwei Liu and Haokun Geng, PhD students in the .enpeda.. project.

The course assignments count 30% of the total mark, and the exam 70%. There will be three individual assignments using video data recorded with cameras installed in HAKA1, the test vehicle of the .enpeda.. group:

(1) Computational photography
(2) Semantic segmentation
(3) Stereo vision and visual odometry

For each assignment, a report needs to be submitted by the due date (as announced in lectures). Solutions and results may be presented in seminars. If you like to use Latex for writing your report then you can start with this template.


TUE 11:30am - 12:30pm (733-231) and THU 10:30am - 12:30pm (723-231)


FRI 11:30am - 12:30pm (721-234)

RECORDING (with cameras installed in test-vehicle HAKA1)

by individual arrangement with the tutors

  1. 22 July (1): Course Intro
  2. 24 July (2): Images and Fourier
  3. 25 July (1): Color
    29 July: Tutorial (OpenCV)
    31 July: Tutorials (OpenCV and Assignment 1)
  4. 5 August (1): Operators
  5. 7 August (2): Smoothing, Sharpening, Edges (Basics) and Corners and Edges
  6. 8 August (1): Image Segmentation 1
  7. 12 August (1): Image Segmentation 2
  8. 14 August (2): Image Segmentation 3 and Adjacency, Regions, Borders
    15 August: Tutorial (Assignment 2)
    18 August: Deadline for Assignment 1 (12 noon)
  9. 19 August (1): Area, Length, Curvature
  10. 19 August (2): Image Value Analysis; Line and Circle Detection and Cameras
  11. 19 August (2): Coordinates and Calibration and Stereo Vision and Rectification
  12. 20 August (SEMINAR) Computational Photography and (1): Stereo Matching - Basics
    15 September: Deadline for Assignment 2 (12 noon)
    16 September (HAKA1 Intro): Tutorial
  13. 23 September (1): Pixel Labeling: Stereo Vision
  14. 25 September (2): Pixel Labeling: Optic Flow and Tutorial (Assignment 3, Stereo Vision and Visual Odometry)
  15. 30 September (1): Pixel Labeling: Photometric Stereo
  16. 2 October (2): Image Features 1 and Image Features 2
    Recording of sequences in HAKA1 (arrange time with tutor)
  17. 7 October (1): (SEMINAR) Semantic segmentation
  18. 9 October (2): Feature Tracking and Particle Filter
  19. 14 October (1): Kalman Filter
  20. 16 October (2): Object Detection 1 and Object Detection 2
    20 October: Deadline for Assignment 3 (12 noon)
  21. 21 October: (1) (SEMINAR): Stereo Vision and Visual Odometry and, if time allows, Object Detection 3
  22. 23 October (2): Vision-based driver assistance (for applying or recalling concepts discussed in the lectures) and Questions (examinable only if discussed in lectures; there are additional questions in this file having bold numbers)

Copyright for material (above) on this website (if not otherwise specified): Reinhard Klette
A few images (as used in the CCV book)
Image textures
Video sequences on EISATS

Brief intro into OpenCV by Marvin Smith
and there are many more OpenCV introductions online

GIMP and ImageJ
See also (older) software-links on The Computer Vision Homepage (only updated till 2006).