ian watson


In 2017 I am teaching parts of the following courses
CompSci 760 Data Mining & Machine Learning
Lecture notes, reading and other resources on Case-Based Reasoning click here
CompSci 767 Intelligent Software Agents
CompSci 367
Artificial Intelligence
I teach the first half on knowledge representation and reasoning and knowledge engineering.

In the past I have taught the following courses:
CompSci 367
Artificial Intelligence
CompSci 366
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
I taught search, Prolog, planning and agent technology
CompSci 777
Computer Games Technology
I concentrated on the application of AI to computer games. Specificaly, representation, reasoning and learning in strategy games.
CompSci 709
Agents and Machine Learning
CompSci 210
Computer Systems 1
CompSci 111
Mastering Cyberspace: An Introduction to Practical Computing
CompSci 101
Principles of Programming
CompSci 215
Computer Systems 2
I taught the data communications part of 215
Projects, Dissertations & Theses
I usually have several undergrad and grad project students that I supervise, contact me if you want to discuss project topics.

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