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Intelligent Software Agents: COMPSCI 767 Semester 1, City Campus

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Intelligent software agents are software systems that are autonomous, cooperative, and adaptive. By autonomous, we mean that they only need to be told "what" to do rather than "how" to do it. By cooperative, we mean that they often pursue their goals through communication with other agents/humans at the Knowledge Level. By adaptive we mean, that they learn to improve their performance through experience and learning. There are beginning to be systems that integrate these three areas.

Course Work

Assignment 1 - Case-Based Reasoning Project (25%) – individual work

Assignment 2 - IDA* heuristic search (25%) – individual work

Exam (50%)

Note: You must pass both the practical and theoretical components of 767 separately.

Seeking Assistance

Assistance can be obtained from the course lecturer during published office hours. The Department of Computer Science also has a team of support staff (see the posters around the labs for support contacts) who are happy to provide guidance on more general issues to do with your study in computer science.

Catching up on missed lectures etc.

If you miss a lecture, you should catch up as soon as possible by reading the corresponding lecture notes. If you miss the deadline for an assignment and have a valid reason, you should see the course supervisor. If you miss the test/exam for any valid reason, or you sit the test/exam but believe that your performance was impaired for some reason, then you may be able to apply for an aegrotat, compassionate or special pass consideration. For more detailed information, refer to the University of Auckland's Calendar.


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