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Through the 1990s I was been involved in the development of several expert systems for the construction industry which are now being marketed in the Lead Consultant range by Engineering Technology. My principle research area is case-based reasoning. I founded and ran ai-cbr, the primary Internet site for CBR and I was a programme chair of the 4th. International CBR Conference (ICCBR'01) held in Vancouver in 2001.
I am a member of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Expert Systems (until I left the UK I was an active committee member) and I am a member of the IEEE. Within the Dept. of Computer Science I am a member of the Intelligent Systems & Informatics Research Group.

Over the last decade I have applied CBR and other machine learning techniques to Game AI, However, I have recently started research in Explainable AI (XAI).

Game AI

click here to go to ai-cbr.org "the Internet site for case-based reasoning"

The CBR Wiki

UK Government Computing Award for Innovation 2000

The Infoshop project for the UK Cabinet Office on which I was a Central Partner for 18 months  won the GC2000 Award for Innovation. Further details can be found by following the links below:
Infoshop partners at the GC2000 Award The Infoshop project
Liz Buttimer from Camden, Mark Charsley from Waltham Forest, Jo Lloyd from the Cabinet Office, Dennis Passingham from Tagish and Sheila Apicella from Reigate & Banstead accepting the GC2000 Award on behalf of the Infoshop Project.

IJCAI-99 Distinguished Paper Award

Watson, I. & Gardingen, D. (1999). A Distributed Case-Based Reasoning Application for Engineering Sales Support. In, Proc. 16th Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-99), Vol. 1: pp. 600-605. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc. ISBN 1-55860-613-0 download 232KB pdf
IJCAI-99 Award Presentation
The IJCAI-99 Programme Chair, Tom Dean,  presenting me the "Distinguished Paper Award"

Stockholm 6th. August 1999

current activities

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If you have an interest in applied AI, case-based reasoning, knowledge-based systems, game AI or applications of AI on the web and are looking for someone to collaborate with why not contact me. I have collaborated on successful research projects with many people in the past and am keen to be involved in both national and international projects. If you are a postgraduate researcher it is also possible for you to visit and work with me for a few months or even to do your entire doctorate under my supervision (all my previous graduate students have obtained their doctorates successfully).
Photograph of myself with Prof. Lotfi Zadeh, the originator of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, taken at Expert Systems 96 when I was Conference Chair. Lotfi Zadeh and I

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