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  Prof. André Nies
  Department of Computer Science
  University of Auckland
  Private Bag 92019
  New Zealand


  +64-9-373 7599 ext.86645

Retreat and ARA Japan 2014, August 31- Sept 6, Gotemba, Shizuoka prefecture.

Archived Page: ARA South Africa 2014, Feb 10 and 11, Pretoria.
Archived Page: Argentina-Japan-New Zealand workshop (AJNZ) 2013, December 2-3, Auckland.
Archived Page: Analysis, Randomness and Applications (ARA) 2013, Nancy, France.
Archived Page: ARA 2011, Auckland. 

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I am an editor for the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic. I invite the submission of carefully worked survey articles or research articles.

I am also an editor for the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic. I invite submissions, at a level comparable to the level of the JSL.

Research interests:

1) Computability theory.

In earlier papers (1994-2003) I have investigated degree structures using model theoretic methods. See my habilitation thesis Coding Methods in computability theory and complexity theory  for a summary.

2002-2013 I have studied the interplay of computability and randomness. For an overview of work up to 2010 see
Interactions of Computability and Randomness, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, 2010.  For details see my publications.

My recent interests include the connection of randomness to set theory, and reverse mathematics.
I also work on invariant descriptive set theory, in particular for Polish metric spaces.

2) Algebra and automatic structures.

I apply logical methods especially to groups, and study structures that can be described by automata, or via Borel relations. See my survey papers:
Describing Groups.  Bull. Symb. Logic. 13 no 3 (2007), 305-339
Borel Structures: a brief survey   (with A. Montalban, 2010). Effective Mathematics of the Uncountable, Lecture Notes in Logic 41 (2013), 124-134.  

Summary of past research up to 2010

My book ''Computability and Randomness'' was published by Oxford University Press Jan 29, 2009. The revised paperback version was published March 2012.

Order at Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Alternatively, order from the publisher: here from Europe, or   here from the US.   
List of errata for the book (Jan 2013).
Status of open problems from the book (May 2011).

Randomness and computability: Open questions.   Version of June 30, 2007 with list of results obtained so far. Published in Bull. Symb. Logic. 12 no 3 (2006) 390-410. Joint with Joe Miller. 

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