Research Centre Coromandel

The Research Centre Coromandel opened in December 2014.

It is located in the lower Coromandel Peninsula.

160km from downtown Auckland,
140km from the airport,
120m from the beach.

The research centre has WiFi, projectors,
whiteboards, 4 bedrooms,
large inside and outside spaces for work and discussions.

Picture Gallery

Picture of the RCW

Events and visitors



Set theory and computability April 19-22
Noam Greenberg (Victoria), Joerg Brendle (Kobe), Philipp Schlicht (Bonn/Auckland), Karen Seidel (Potsdam)

Geometry and analysis working group Feb 9-16
Organiser: Prof. Rod Gover
Andreas Cap (University of Vienna), Mike Eastwood (University of Adelaide), Vladimir Matveev (University of Jena), Katharina Neusser (Charles University, Prague), Rod Gover (University of Auckland) Thomas Mettler (Goethe-University Frankfurt, TBC) Andrew Swann (Aarhus University, TBC)


March, April, May Philipp Schlicht (Bonn University), set theory



Research meeting on quantum mechanics and computation Oct 19-22. Willem Fouche, Anuradha Mahasinghe, Andre Nies and Marco Tomamichel.

Retreat on computability and structure, Apr 18-22 . With Noam Greenberg, Alexander Melnikov, André Nies and Dan Turetsky.


April (11 days) Dan Turetsky (Victoria University), randomness and computable model theory
Jan (6 days) Kenshi Miyabe (Meiji University), randomness and analysis
Jan (3 days) Liang Yu Nanjing, computability theory



Workshop on the occasion of Jouko Väänänen visiting New Zealand , Apr 7-10 . Organised by Sebastian Link and André Nies. Pictures.

Retreat on computability theory and its applications , Feb 18-23. Workshop on Feb 21. Organised by Noam Greenberg and André Nies. Pictures.


Feb (3 days) Matt Bray and Declan Thompson Honour's students, Univ. Auckland, research on short descriptions for groups, and on Boolean circuits



May (3 days) Alex Galicki and Marcus Triplett (Univ Auckland) for thesis research
March (5 days) Noam Greenberg (VUW), Joseph Miller (Madison), Benoit Monin (Uni Auckland/VUW), Dan Turetsky (KGRC Vienna) for research in Computability Theory
February (8 days) Katrin Tent (Uni Munster) for research in group theory
February (3 days) Sebastian Link, Simone Linz, Gerald Weber (Univ Auckland) for writing workshop
January (6 days) Rod Downey (VUW), Satyadev Nandakumar (IIT Kanpur) for research on effective ergodic theory; with wifes Kristin and Revathy



Descriptive set theory and Scott Rank , Dec 15-30, 2014. Organised by André Nies.
Slawek Solecki and wife Bogna (UIUC), Todor Tsankov (Paris 7), Michal Doucha (Polish Academy of Sciences), Alex Galicki, Gustavo da Paula, Marcus Triplett (Univ. Auckland)


Benoit Monin several visits from Auckland, research in Computability
Michal Doucha November and December, research in descriptive set theory