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Starcraft Datasets

Starcraft Replay Extractor Datasets and source code. Datasets extracted from a large number of professional Starcraft replays into a structured database. For more information, see the publication.

Sartre Web App

Sartre web app: Play heads-up, limit Texas Hold'em against the latest version of our poker agent Sartre.


Case Assembly, Maintenance & Usage System

Camus v1.0 is a simple Java based CBR framework distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Download Camus v1.0     Camus API Documentation


Michael Woolford (2016). SCOUT: A Case-Based Reasoning Agent For Playing Race For The Galaxy.

Andrew Ettles (2016). Using Case Based Reasoning to Price Items in a Virtual Economy.

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Approaches for building autonomous poker agents

ICCBR-2010: Presentation

Applying Case-Based Reasoning to Texas Hold'em Poker: Video.

AI-09: Sartre Presentation

Herd of Sheep?

Optimizations in Strategy Games: Using GAs to Optimize City Development in Freeciv.

Pen and Paper Games.