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A collection of the most interesting images shown at our weekly group meetings

Shader for fabric rendering - Example: twill dress
2012-02-11, Wallace Yuen

ClickWorld - Winner SPARK $100K Challenge! :-D
2011-10-28, Burkhard Wuensche, Lisa Jansen, Minh Hoang (Justin) Nguyen, Patrice Delmas, Christof Lutteroth

Final Submission of PhD Thesis
2011-09-30, Stefan Marks

Call for Papers IVCNZ 2011 Conference, 29 Nov - 1 Dec, Auckland
2011-07-08, Burkhard Wuensche

A Virtual 3D Touchscreen using a webcam and single light source
2011-07-08, Gabriel Hartmann

Semi-Regular Mesh Creation by Regular 1:4 Subdivision of a Base Mesh
2011-07-08, Maja Krivokuca

First prototype towards a real-time radiosity renderer with dynamic lighting using texture mapping
2011-07-08, Sungkono Surya Tjahyono

SPARK entrepreneurship competition - Double Prize winner Team ClickWorld
2011-05-25, Burkhard Wuensche, Minh Hoang (Justin) Nguyen, Patrice Delmas, Christof Lutteroth

Reconstruction of 3D objects using structured lighting
2011-05-25, Maja Krivokuca

SPARK entrepreneurship competition - Winning Entry ClickWorld
2011-05-25, Burkhard Wuensche, Minh Hoang (Justin) Nguyen, Patrice Delmas, Christof Lutteroth

Impressions from MIS 2011, Goehren/Ruegen, Germany, March 2011
2011-05-25, Burkhard Wuensche

Research Visit PNU and Parkinson's Disease Center, Busan, South Korea, April 2011
2011-05-25, Burkhard Wuensche

Experiments towards GPU-accelerated DVR of FE models
2011-05-13, Bingchen Liu

Impressions from GRAPP/VISAPP 2011, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, March 2011
2011-05-13, Burkhard Wuensche

EURASIAPAC Meeting, Wellington, 18th February
2011-05-13, Burkhard Wuensche

Computer art unintentionally generated by chossing wrong parameters for a DTI visualisation
2011-02-13, Burkhard Wuensche

Visualisation of a Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter (RBPF) SLAM algorithm
2011-02-13, Alex Kozlov, Burkhard Wuensche, Bruce MacDonald

Healthcare4Life - A Ubiquitous Patient-Centric Telehealth System
2010-12-23, Jaspaljeet Singh

Generating personalised hand models from web cam images
2010-12-23, Rikke Gade and Anders Jørgensen

Testing rigid body animations with bullet collision meshes generated from OGRE animation meshes
2010-12-23, Benjamin Meadows

Sketch-Based Building Modelling
2010-12-23, David J. Olsen, Nathan D. Pitman, Sutirtha Basak

Real-time terrain rendering with incremental loading for interactive terrain modelling
2010-12-23, Simon van den Hurk and Wallace Yuen

Ski game with webcam-based motion tracking for patient rehabilitation and injury prevention
2010-12-23, Nilroy N. Packiyarajah

Sketch-based crowd modelling
2010-12-23, Li Guan and Burkhard Wuensche

Three Participants of the Multi-User Study for Virtual Environment Teamwork Training
2010-09-23, Stefan Marks

Marker-based Navigation for a Robotic Helicopter
2010-08-07, Ian Chen

3D Reconstruction from a Sparse Set of Uncalibrated and Unconstrained Images
2010-08-06, Justin Minh Nguyen

Virtualising Reality for Robot Development
2010-07-20, Ian Chen

Impressions from CHINZ 2010, Massey University, Albany, Auckland
2010-07-19, Burkhard Wuensche

ICT Innovations, July 2010
2010-07-19, Stefan Marks

Web-cam based hand rehabilitation exercise monitoring
2010-07-16, Rui Liu

Impressions from the Single User Study
2010-07-02, Stefan Marks

Rsearch visit to the Translational Research Imaging Centre (TRIC), Uniklinikum Muenster, Germany
2010-06-05, Burkhard Wuensche

Impressions of GRAPP 2010, Angers, France
2010-06-03, Burkhard Wuensche

Multi Touch Interaction Research at Abbaye de Fontevraud
2010-06-03, Burkhard Wuensche

Impressions of research visit to the University of Muenster, Germany
2010-06-03, Burkhard Wuensche

Towards Low-Cost Robust and Stable Hand Tracking for Exercise Monitoring
2010-05-09, Rui Liu and Burkhard Wuensche

Graduation May 2010 - Graphics Group members Rong, Robert, Bryce, and Daniel
2010-05-09, Burkhard Wuensche

Artistic Animation "The Internet Changing the World"
2010-05-06, Azriel Hoh

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualisation of the Corruption Index of Countries
2010-05-06, Benjamin Meadows

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualisation of the Daily Closing Values of the Dow Jones Industrial Index
2010-05-06, Gabriel Hartmann

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualisation of the CPU load of a Dual Core Processor
2010-05-06, Edward Peek

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualisation of the DNA Sequence of a Chromosome
2010-05-06, Christopher Riding

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Time Of Day Visualisation using a Landscape Photograph
2010-05-06, Shunyao (Michael) Shi

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualisation of Wind Speed and Weather
2010-05-06, Yi Zheng

Impressions from the Joint Korea Japan New Zealand Workshop on Robotics 2010
2010-04-30, Burkhard Wuensche

Hand Injury Rehabilitation using a Virtual Hand
2010-03-31, Rui Liu

Visualization of covariance between spatial clusters in a SLAM algorithm
2010-03-25, Alex Kozlov

Exercise games for the iPhone
2010-03-18, Jiyoung Sun and Wallace Yuen

Interactive graphics for medication monitoring
2010-03-14, Andreas von Arb

Workshop "Voreen - Rapid Prototyping of Volume Visualizations"
2010-03-14, Timo Ropinski (visiting researcher from the University of Muenster, Germany)

Test flights with robotic helicopters
2010-03-14, Robotics Group and Dept. of Mechinical Engineering

Poster for the IVCNZ 2009 Converence
2010-03-12, Stefan Marks

Automatic Analysis of Nonverbal Communication in a Virtual Environment
2010-03-04, Stefan Marks

Graphics Group February 2010
2010-03-04, Stefan, Timo, Wallace, Ian, Jaspal, James, Burkhard, Christine

Sketch-based tree modelling
2010-02-17, Daniel Brooker, Thomas Carey, Joseph Hobbs, Nathan Wood

Sketch-based Animation
2010-02-17, Simon van den Hurk, Wallace Yuen, Konstantin Schauwecker

Sketch-based 3D Terrain Modelling
2010-02-17, Bingchen Liu, Guanyu Sun, Minmin Zhang, Prabhjot Singh Jassal

Impressions from ACSW, Brisbane (January 2010)
2010-02-13, Burkhard Wuensche

Flow Visualization made with Voreen
2010-02-13, Dirk Feldmann and Timo Ropinski (visiting researcher from the University of Muenster, Germany)

Mixed reality simulation of a screw removal robot
2009-12-19, Ian Chen

A constructive visual component-based interface for direct volume rendering
2009-12-19, Bingchen Liu

Perceptual colour space-based hand segmentation
2009-12-19, Rui Liu

Two-touch 3D modelling using contour sketching
2009-12-19, Amit Joshi, Glen Robertson, Beryl Plimmer, Burkhard Wuensche

Research visit at AIST, Tokyo - Tsukuba Challenge
2009-12-18, Ian Chen

Analysis of Appearance Space Attributes for Texture Synthesis and Morphing
2009-11-30, Felix Manke and Burkhard Wuensche

Automatic Joint and Skeleton Computation for the Animation of Sketch-based 3D Objects
2009-11-30, Rong Yang and Burkhard Wuensche

Impressions from the IVCNZ 2009, Wellington
2009-11-27, Stefan Marks

Experimental setup for analysis of gaze precision in Virtual Environments.
2009-11-16, Stefan Marks

Research visit at AIST, Tokyo - Healthcare Robot demo during Open Day
2009-11-02, Ian Chen

Real-time complex illumination using BRDFs and spherical harmonics
2009-10-24, Bryce van Dyk

Web-based visualization using Silverlight for analysing smart inhaler data
2009-10-16, Kyle Huang

Impressions from the SimTecT Health 2009, Melbourne
2009-09-11, Stefan Marks

Visualisation of User Movement in a Teamwork Simulation.
2009-08-28, Stefan Marks

Evaluation of Skin Colour Detection Methods
2009-08-21, Riu Liu

Web-based visualization using Silverlight for analysing smart inhaler data
2009-08-17, Kyle Huang

First prototype of a spreadsheet-like interface for interactive exploration of direct volume rendered data sets
2009-08-08, Bingchen Liu

Testing the influence of occlusion of facial features on the precision of head tracking
2009-07-31, Stefan Marks

Mixed reality interface testing by simulating cow tracking using a robotic helicopter
2009-07-27, Ian Chen

Timeline Control to Filter Site Views for the Exploration of Archaeological Sites
2009-07-16, Daniel Keymer

Experimental set-up for analysing face tracking software and hardware
2009-07-06, Stefan Marks

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Animated timer using the painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch
2009-06-25, Gyurme Dahdul

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Clock and stop watch implemented by animating the painting "Persistence of Time" by Salvadore Dali
2009-06-25, Andreas Sembrant

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Animated sundial using projected shadows integrated into the painting "Persistence of Time" by Salvadore Dali
2009-06-25, Florian Bernard

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualization of weather and season using image processing and artistic landscape photos
2009-06-25, Nathan Wood

COMPSCI 373 Assignment: Informative Art - Visualization of the Chinese zodiac using subtextures and images of Chinese paper cuts
2009-06-25, Rui Liu

Skeletal animation of sketch-based models using automatic joint identification
2009-06-11, Rong Yang

COMPSCI 373 Ass 3 - Sample Solution (top-left) and interesting bugs encountered by students
2009-05-26, Burkhard Wuensche

Discussion in Second Life about VE-Based nursing training
2009-05-08, Stefan Marks

Visualization of uncertainty in web-cam based headtracking
2009-05-02, Stefan Marks

Visualization of SmartInhaler data
2009-04-24, Kyle Huang & Nexus6

Using a medical mannequin head for measuring face tracking reliability.
2009-04-03, Stefan Marks

Mixed Reality Search and Rescue Simulation
2009-03-27, Ian Chen

Impressions from the GRAPP 2009 conference, Lisbon, Portugal
2009-02-12, Burkhard Wuensche

Impressions of Research Visit to the Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Madrid, Spain
2009-02-12, Burkhard Wuensche

Stack and Tile Window Manager
2009-01-19, Christoph Lutteroth

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