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Computing History Displays: Fifth Floor

A dismantled harddrive.
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The fifth floor lobby has an emphasis on computer long-term data storage and input/output. We have:
- a large display on magnetic data storage that includes many examples of hard disks.
- a display that outlines the introduction of the modern GUIs and the development of computer aided design.
- a smaller display on Auckland graduate Donald Murray and his role in machine Telegraphy
- many smaller items in display cabinets.

There is also a display on the relationship between mathematical logic and computer design. This features some examples of telephone switching technology and a sculpture by Leigh Christensen.

We maintain a collection of computer books, manuals and magazines of significance to the history of computers and computing. These are mostly stored away in cabinets but some will be on display from time to time.

We also have a small display on the computer mouse. It is actually housed on the third floor, but we link to it from here because the mouse is a computer input device.

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