Concise Computer Vision

- The Full Program Based on a 2013 Draft of the CCV Book-

A complete CCV course taught by Professor Reinhard Klette and tutor Hugo Carlos Martinez in the second semester 2013 at CIMAT, Guanajuato.
This was a course for graduate (MSc and PhD students) and selected undergraduate students of Guanajuato University. Each lecture note is for about 80 minutes of teaching.

This CCV course was composed of lectures, two assignments, tutorials (introducing into OpenCV and the assignments, and also discussing exercises in the book), three seminars (students presenting their solutions to assignments), a review of all the taught material prior to the exam date, and a written exam.

The lectures followed a draft of the book Concise Computer Vision by Reinhard Klette, published in January 2014 by Springer, London, UK. The lecture notes below were created based on a draft of the CCV book (prior to finalising the structure, and also prior to the editorial book editing by the publisher).

  1. Basics
  2. Fourier

    Assignment 1

  3. Normalization etc.
  4. Advanced Edge Detection
  5. From Adjacency to Regions
  6. Image Value Analysis
  7. 3D Motion and Optic Flow
  8. Horn-Schunck etc.
  9. Segmentation 1
  10. Segmentation 2
  11. Segmentation 3
  12. Color
  13. Cameras
  14. Camera Calibration

    Assignment 2

  15. Surfaces and Structured Light
  16. Stereo Vision and PMS
  17. PMS and Vector Field Integration
  18. Stereo Matching 1
  19. Stereo Matching 2
  20. Stereo Matching 3
  21. Tracking 1
  22. Tracking 2
  23. Tracking 3
  24. Particle Filter
  25. Kalman Filter
  26. Object Detection
  27. Haar-features, Viola-Jones, AdaBoost
  28. Random Decision Forests, Pedestrian Detection
  29. Review (of the lectures, tutorials, and assignment) by discussing

    Exercises, Part I and Exercises, Part II as given in the book, and also

    simpler questions in Exam Preparation, Part I and Exam Preparation, Part II for preparation for the written exam; the written exam about this CCV course was a (slightly modified) subset of those simpler questions on those two lists.

Copyright for material (above) on this website (if not otherwise specified): Reinhard Klette
A few images (as used in the CCV book)
Image textures
Video sequences on EISATS

Intro into OpenCV by Gady Agam

GIMP and ImageJ
Software-link on The Computer Vision Homepage.