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Associate Professor Ian Watson
Rubin, J. & Watson, I. (2011). Computer Poker: A review.
Artificial Intelligence 175, pp. 958-87 (pdf)

The Universal Machine - From the Dawn of Computing to Digital Consciousness by Ian Watson
Published by Springer in May 2012
310 pages  Buy now on Amazon

"This interesting popular science book sheds light on important works and key figures in the world of computing...The book considers the history of CS with speculations on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. It is unique in considering the history of computing from its early notions up to its latest forecasts, with no gaps in between. Such coverage does not exist in the current computing history literature. The author offers plenty of information and facts that are usually difficult to find or not easily accessible in existing computing books, journals, encyclopedias, and biographies." Read more...
By Mario Aoun for The Association of Computing Machinery

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