Visitors and Postdoctoral Scholars (partial listing)

PhD Supervisions

  1. Yu-Cheng Tu, Transparency in Software Engineering, University of Auckland, 2014. From June 2013 to July 2015, Software Engineer at Olympic Software. From August 2015, Professional Teaching Fellow in Computer Science, at the University of Auckland
  2. Pita Jarupunphol, Using Buddhist Insights to Analyse the Cause of System Project Failures, University of Auckland, 2013. Since 2004, a lecturer in informatics at Phuket Rajabhat University; as at 2017, Director, Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology
  3. Zulfiqar Ahmad, A Duly Diligent Response to the Concerns of Muslim Stakeholders, University of Auckland, December 2011.
  4. Anirban Majumdar, Design and Evaluation of Software Obfuscations, co-supervised by Dr Stephen Drape, University of Auckland, 2008. Winner of departmental "Best Published Paper" award, 2007. From January 2017, Chief Expert - Product Strategy, Products & Innovation Board Office at SAP, Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  5. William Zhu, Concepts and techniques in software watermarking and obfuscation, University of Auckland, August 2007. As at 2008, Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UESTC, Chengdu, China.
  6. Jasvir Nagra, Threading software watermarks, University of Auckland, February 2007. As at July 2011, a Software Engineer at Google Inc. in Palo Alto who twitters. Since October 2015, Head of Security Products at Instart Logic.
  7. Andrew Michael Colarik, A secure patch management authority, University of Auckland, November 2003. Primary supervisor: Associate Professor Lech Janczewski. Since 2006, an independent information security consultant. Since 2015, Senior Lecturer at Massey University.
  8. Arvind Raghunathan, Polygon Decomposition and Perfect Graphs, University of California at Berkeley, 1988. Since 2009, CEO of Roc Capital Management, L.P..
  9. Belle Wei, Synthesis and optimization of VLSI prefix circuits, Ph.D. dissertation, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1987. From 2002-2012, Dean of Engineering at San Jose State University, California (USA). From 2012-2014, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, Chico. Since 2015, Carolyn Guidry Chair in Engineering Education and Innovative Learning at San Jose State University.
  10. Prabhakar Raghavan, Randomized rounding and discrete ham-sandwich theorems: provably good algorithms for routing and packing problems, Ph.D. dissertation, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1986. As at 2006, Head of Research at Yahoo, Consulting Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, Editor in Chief of J. ACM. As at September 2017, VP Engineering at Google.

MSc/ME Supervisions

  1. Jason Li, (MSc, 2015), Assuring Social and Governmental Identities for Research and Education Federations. As at May 2015, Technical Applications Consultant for healthAlliance.
  2. Yu-Cheng Tu, (ME, July 2008: A Preliminary Security Analysis of New Zealand's igovt System). Please see the list above for Yu-Cheng's PhD research.
  3. Gilbert Notoatmodjo, (MSc, Exploring the Weakest Link: A Study of Personal Password Security, submitted for assessment, July 2007; revised for internet publication, December 2007).
  4. Jinho Lee, (ME, September 2006: Perceptions of HIPAA Security Requirements by US Dental Schools).
  5. Jason (Lei) Wang, (MSc, September 2006: A Constant Encoding Algorithm Which Tamper-proofs the CT-Watermark). 780 project student March-June 2005. As of July 2010, working as a Software Specialist (Treasury and Financial Markets) for ASB.
  6. Teng Teng, (MSc Second Class First Division, July 2006: Unauthorized Detection of CT Watermarks Based on Pattern Analysis Methods). 780 project student March-June 2005.
  7. Han Zhang, (MSc, July 2006: Formal Security Modeling and Analysis in B2B e-commerce), co-supervised by Gerald Weber. ICT Academy project on Secure P2P Message Exchanging in a Test Harness, 14 February 2005, co-supervisor Gerald Weber, industry mentor Barry Dowdeswell.
  8. Mike Stay (MSc First Class, 2005: Truth and Light: Physical Algorithmic Randomness), co-supervised by Prof Cris Calude. As at 2006, PhD student in Physics at UC Riverside, California (USA).
  9. Matt Barrett (BSc Hons, 2003; MSc, 2005: Towards an Open Trusted Computing Framework). Co-author of Using NGSCB to Mitigate Existing Software Threats (preliminary version), in Certification and Security in Inter-Organizational E-Services, eds. Narelli and Talamo, IFIP Vol. 177, Springer, ISBN 0-387-25087-5, pp. 55-74, 2005. Author of "Using NGSCB to Solve Existing Software Vulnerabilities", project report, November 2003.
  10. Benjamin Lai (MSc, February 2004: Trust in Online Trading Systems). As at June 2007, working as a Developer at TelstraClear Limited.
  11. Yong (Charles) He, (MSc, 2002: Tamperproofing a Software Watermark by Encoding Constants). As at June 2005, working for the ACC.
  12. Jihong Li, (MSc, 2002: A Fifth Generation Messaging System).
  13. Qiang Dong, (MSc, 2002: Workflow Simulation for International Trade).
  14. John (Ching Yi) Tsai (MSc, 2000: A comparative study of two astronomical software packages).
  15. Yale (Yuanhua) Yu (MSc, 2000: Measuring Data Cache and TLB Parameters under Linux), and co-author of a conference paper by the same title.
  16. Petrus Mursanto (MSc, 1999: Automatic Detection of Vehicular Axle Distance at Tollgates).
  17. Douglas Low (MSc, 1998: Java Control Flow Obfuscation), primary supervisor: Christian Collberg. PhD dissertation: Network Processor Memory Hierarchy Designs for IP Packet Classification, Summer 2005, Computer Science Department of the University of Washington, advisor Jean-Loup Baer.
  18. Leon Quiding (MSc, 1999: A Formal Model and General Theory for Comparator Networks).
  19. Yi Sun, Delay optimization of carry lookahead adders using dynamic programming, Master's project, Computer Science Department, UMN-Duluth, May 1993.
  20. Xun Zhao, An interface for transforming information from TimberWolf into RanTer, Master's project, Computer Science Department, UMN-Duluth, June 1992. Zhao's project report is published as UMD-CS TR 92-02.
  21. Yanzhang Lu, Solving combinatorial optimization problems by simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, and neural networks, Master's thesis, Computer Science Department, UMN-Duluth, September 1991.
  22. Renato Milanesi, Optimal look-ahead adders, Master's thesis, Computer Science Department, UMN-Duluth, July 1991.
  23. Sree Rama Peyyety, A proposal for measurement study of Ethernet traffic, Master's project, Computer Science Department, UMN-Duluth, May 1991.
  24. Clyde Rogers, Enhancements to Ziv-Lempel data compression, Master's thesis, Computer Science Department, UMN-Duluth, May 1989.
  25. Simon Kahan, Problems in recognizing handprinted characters, Master's project, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1985.
  26. William Zurafleff, A personal computer network via CB radio links, Master's project, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1985.
  27. Michael Wolfe, Musical instrument pitch analyzer, Master's project, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1983.
  28. Andy Judkis, Net Funicello: a simple microcomputer network, Master's project, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1982.
  29. David J. Hathaway, A universal debugger for microcomputer software, Master's project, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1982.
  30. Yi-Hsien Do, Interface the Biomation 610 Transient Recorder to the PDP 11/10 Computer, Master's project, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley, May 1982.

Dissertation and Project Supervisions (partial listing)