Data Structures and Algorithms
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1998 Lectures

The files in the table below are gzipped files of PowerPoint slides. You will need a PowerPoint viewer to look at them. These are the actual slides from the 1998 lectures: expect some improvements, error corrections and changes in the order in which topics are presented. However, the 1999 lectures will mainly use the same material.

Please note that the "information density" on lecture slides is very low: printing out all the slides on single pages will consume a large number of trees for the amount of information thus gained. The lecture notes themselves have a much higher information density. However, running through the slides with a viewer may be a valuable way of refreshing your memory about major points made in lectures. If you must print them out, it is strongly suggested that you use PowerPoint's "6-up" facility!

Bin Sort
Searching (2)
Searching (3)
Hash Tables
Dynamic Algorithms
Dynamic Algorithms
Minimum Spanning Trees
Equivalence Classes
Graph Representations
Dijkstra's Algorithm
Huffman Encoding
Fourier Transforms
Hard Problems
Experimental Design
Key points

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