Process for setting up an internship

  • The Industry Engagement Manager must be involved in every step of the process.
  • After viewing the students' profiles and CVs the company informs the Industry Engagement Manger who they would like to interview. The Industry Engagement Manger helps to coordinate suitable interview times.
  • After choosing a suitable intern the company works with the Industry Engagement Manger to define a suitable project and signs the required agreements, including a Letter of Understanding between the company and the Auckland ICT Graduate School.
  • An academic supervisor is assigned to the project.
  • For ten weeks, the student interns with the company. During this time the student reports regularly to the academic supervisor and at the end of the internship, the student presents a talk and submits a report that reflects on their role and experience at the company.


The interns available in the Auckland region for the Nov '19 - Feb '20 internship period can be viewed by logging in.
To request access, please email the Industry Engagement Manager.