Internship Details

The aim of the internship is for students to gain industry experience. As a result, the company is expected to provide a working environment that helps to build and develop the student's professionalism. The company also assigns an industry mentor to host student(s) during their internship.

The minimum duration of the internship is 400 hours (10 weeks full-time), and during this time students work on a real-world project on site with their industry host.

The project provided to students must be IT related, and the content is to be agreed between the industry mentor and the Industry Engagement Manager. The projects to date have been varied, for example, they can be a part of an ongoing team project from the development team, or testing team. They can be a small hands-on implementation project or pilot. Consequently, the intern position can be anything from a developer role or project management role to a technical consultant role.

The students gain credit for the internship, as they do with other courses that they undertake at University.