Internship Overview

ICT internships are an important part of our Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech) programme. Internships provide a unique opportunity for students to deliver on a real-world project, with the support of the University and an employer. For companies that wish to attract new talent, industry internships provide a chance to work with and recruit the next generation of rising ICT professionals. Each year we have two group of students seeking internship opportunities, one mid-year (July - September) and the other over the summer period (November - February).

Companies pay $6000 plus GST to host an intern for 400 hrs/10-weeks. From this the student receives a grant of $5000. There is a possibility for the company to receive funding through Callaghan Innovation, either through their fellowship programme or through a careers grant, if the company goes on to employ the student. For further information contact Callaghan Innovation directly.‚Äč