Gerald Weber

Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science
The University of Auckland
Office: Building 303, Room 527
38 Princes Street
phone: + 64 9 373-7599 x 88114
fax: + 64 9 373-7453
Office Hours: I have an open office, just drop by.


Postal Address:
Dr Gerald Weber
Department of Computer Science
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1020
New Zealand

Research Interests in Computer Science



websurfing with gaze
With actigaze™ you can click links in your web browser just using your eyes.

Listen to the actigaze presentation on BBC Click, BBC World Services (about 13 minutes into the podcast).

Recent Best Paper Awards

Form-Oriented Analysis
A New Methodology to Model Form-Based Applications
Dirk Draheim, Gerald Weber
Springer Verlag, 2004
ISBN: 3-540-20593-4

About this book: Form-based applications range from simple Web shops to complex enterprise resource planning systems. Draheim and Weber adapt well-established basic modeling techniques in a novel way to achieve a modeling framework optimized for this broad application domain. They introduce new modeling artifacts, such as page diagrams and form storyboards, and separate dialogue patterns to allow for reuse. In their implementation they have developed new constructs such as typed server pages, and tools for forward and reverse engineering of presentation layers. The methodology is explained using an online bookshop as a running example, in which the user can experience the modeling concepts in action. The combination of theoretical achievements and hands-on practical advice and tools makes this book a reference work for both researchers in the areas of software architectures and submit-response style user interfaces, and professionals designing and developing such applications. More information and additional material is available online.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Johannes Müller

PhD Students


If you are interested in starting a project or thesis under my supervision, please feel free to ask me.


Please visit the projects on:

actigaze  - a fast and accurate gaze-only interaction method

Auckland Interface Model


Lutteroth, C., & Weber, G. Academic Writing Guide.


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