AIMF - Auckland Interface Model Flash

AIM flash editor facilitates the end user customization for flash GUIs at run time without the help of any developer. The Auckland Layout Model (ALM) is ported to Flex to support the customisation of GUIs. ALM is a constraint based technique for specifying 2D layout as it is used for arranging the widgets in a GUI. AIM benefits the end-users by providing a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which can be accessed at runtime. Users can save and retrieve the layout at runtime through a XML file format called XALMON; in order to distinguish GUIs from any other XML files we use a unique file extension *.xln.

ALM is already being implemented in Java and C# for making desktop applications. This project is directed towards the same approach except the applications will be web based, but it can also be made into a desktop application by using Adobe Air.