Research students of times past.

This list is a summary of projects addressed by research students who have worked with me in some way or other from time to time. ( I haven't included chemists. ) In most cases, I supervised the work alone; the exceptions are identified in the remarks. "Research student" is interpreted liberally - the range covers undergraduate projects to Ph.D. topics.

Dates, etc., are correct, I think, but I wouldn't wish to guarantee all of them. Titles given are not necessarily those of the documents recording the work - they are descriptive of the topic. In most cases, I have some record of their work, either as thesis or report. Ask me if you're interested.

These entries are in chronological order of enrolment, more or less, then alphabetical order by surname, with occasional vagaries as I decide whether or not to sort by qualification. If you know for whom you're looking, you might like to try the index.

Links connect the set of entries for a student, and the set of entries for a topic. They're circular, so you'll get back to where you started if you persevere.

If you are honoured ( if that's the word ) by being included in this list, and would like to correct or extend your entry, do let me know. Observe, though, that the descriptions are presented from my point of view, and are designed to show how your work fits in with other related work on the same general topic. I might therefore emphasise some component of your work which you didn't think was very useful, or vice versa.

Some of the entries are sketchy, others are presented in more detail. If that means anything at all, which is questionable, it's that I've wanted to fill out topics which have led on to something else, or which I thought were going to lead on to something else but didn't. Whatever, it isn't personal.

- and here we skip a year, because I was on leave in 1988.

- and I was on leave in 1996, too, but we don't skip a year this time. That's the miracle, or curse, of the internet.

Alan Creak,
2005 November.

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