Roll of Honour ? - all Alan Creak's research students.

( Anyone interested in such things could note that all Alan Creak's research students are on a roll. )

That is, all apart from the chemists. In the unlikely event of any of the chemists both reading this and feeling strongly about being omitted, I'll change it. Just let me know.

Anyone else finding errors in or omissions from this list, or the associated list of past students, is also urged to tell me. I'd like to get them right. If you're in my list and you'd like me to include a link to your WWW page, or other source of information, I'll be happy to do so. I won't put them there unless you ask.

All the links lead to entries in another file, in which the students' research is described in a little ( though not much ) detail. You can inspect the file if you wish.

The names are in alphabetical order of surname.

Alan Creak,
2005 November.

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