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DescriptionTopics to be addressed in MICCAI 2009 include, but are not limited to: - Medical Image Computing + functional and diffusion image analysis + segmentation + physical and functional modeling (bio-mechanical, CFD, etc) + shape analysis, atlases and statistical models + registration, data fusion and multiscale analysis - Computer Assisted Interventions and Robotics + planning and image guidance of interventions + simulation & training systems + platforms, clinical evaluation of systems and safety issues + visualization and feedback (AR, VR, telepresence) + robotics and human-robot interaction - Biomedical/clinical Applications, Preclinical Imaging and Biomarkers + computer-aided diagnosis + organ/system specific applications (including but not limited to neurosciences, oncology, orthopaedics, cardiovascular) + molecular and optical imaging + imaging biomarkers
Submission Deadline2009-03-08
LocationLondon, UK

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