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Advanced Design and Analysis of Algorithms: COMPSCI 720 Semester 1, City Campus

This course is aimed at graduate level students as preparation for research work in algorithms development. It is also useful for students intending to work in the general area of theoretical computer science, and to mathematics students interested in computational combinatorics.


Course content varies substantially each year. Please contact the course coordinator/director (Mark Wilson) if you have questions. The course has been taught by Michael Dinneen and Mark Wilson for many years.

In 2017 the course will be in two parts. The first part is taught by Mark Wilson and will cover connections between algorithms and complexity, on the one hand, and economics on the other. More specifically, topics from computational social choice theory. Even more specifically, we will cover algorithms for 1- and 2-sided matching (e.g. house allocation, assigning students to schools). There will be 3 assignments. The second part is taught by Michael Dinneen and will have three parts, each with its own assignment. We start with the study of basic combinatorial algorithms (how to enumerate objects and rank/hash them). Then we study some advanced topics in graph algorithms such as linear-time dynamic programs for graphs of bounded treewidth, branchwidth and pathwidth. Finally we will cover fixed-parameter techniques for coping with NP-hard problems.


Six assignments (written/programming): 40%

Final exam: 60%


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