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Lectures: COMPSCI 230 Semester 2, City Campus

Course information sheet

Please read through the Course Information. It outlines the important dates for this semester and gives an overview of the course assessment. Note that this is preliminary and subject to change before the start of the course.

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Theme C
7 18/9 Introduction to Java threads 01Concurrency.pptx, V1.1 of 2013-09-18; Pdf version (without animations).
19/9 A thread's life 02Concurrency.pptx, Pdf version (without animations).
20/9 Where Java threads are used; synchronization 03Concurrency.pptx; Pdf version (without animations).
8 25/9 Synchronization (cont.) 04Concurrency.pptx, Pdf version.
26/9 Mutual exclusion; visibility, consistency. 05Concurrency.pptx, version 1.11 of 27 September. Pdf version.
27/9 Deadlock; performance; programming guidelines. 06Concurrency.pptx, Pdf version.
9 2/10 Dealing with InterruptedException. Executors, tasks, concurrent collections, synchronizers. 07Concurrency.pptx, Pdf version.
3/10 Concurrency in Swing 08Concurrency.pptx, Pdf version.
4/10 Revision of this unit 09Concurrency.pptx, Pdf version.
Theme D
10 9/10 Goals of software testing; test cases. 01Testing.pptx, version 1.2 of 9 October 2013; Pdf version.
10/10 Psychology and economics of testing; black-box testing; introduction to JUnit. 02Testing.pptx, Pdf version.
11/10 White-box testing; Myers' principled approach. 03Testing.pptx; Pdf version.
11 16/10 Myers' principles 2-10. 04Testing.pptx, Pdf version.
17/10 Basics of Extreme Programming (XP). 05Testing.pptx. Pdf version.
18/10 Basics of Extreme Testing. 06Testing.pptx, Pdf version.
12 23/10 Applied XT. (At end of previous slide-deck.)
24/10 Famous failures. 07Testing.pptx, Pdf version, v1.1 of 17 Oct 2013.
25/10 Revision. 08Testing.pptx, Pdf version.

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