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Proceedings of the 2023 Conference of European Council for Computing in Construction (EC3) and 40th International CIB W78 Information Technology for Construction Conference
Towards Legal Judgment Summarization: A Structure-Enhanced Approach
Using Large Language Models for the Interpretation of Building Regulations
Chain of Propagation Prompting for Node Classification
Systematic Integration of Building Information and Simulation Models for the Automated Evaluation of Factory Layout Variants
LETBE: A LegalRuleML Editor with Transformer-based Autocompletion Engine
Improving the Semantic Parsing of Building Regulations through Intermediate Representations
Integrating Building Information Modelling and Health and Safety Design Phase
Exploring Spiral Narratives with Immediate Feedback in Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Games for Earthquake Emergency Training
Data Strategies for Improving Infrastructure Value and Performance in New Zealand
Gesture Set Development for Augmented Reality Building Site Consenting
Training on Digitised Building Regulations for Automated Rule Extraction
Spearheading agile: the role of the scrum master in agile projects
D2GCLF: Document-to-Graph Classifier for Legal Document Classification
Neural Semantic Parsing of Building Regulations for Compliance Checking
Computable Planning Rules for Automating Urban Land Development
Applications of Building Information Modelling to Construction Health and Safety: A Systematic Review
The Role of the Project Manager in Agile Software Development Projects
Virtual war
Knitting Patterns: Managing Design Complexity with Computation
Applications of Machine Learning to BIM: A Systematic Literature Review
Improving Post-Earthquake Evacuation Preparedness for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: A Conceptual Framework
Blockchain-aided information exchange records for design liability control and improved security
Spearheading Agile: The Role of the Scrum Master in Agile Projects
The Promise of Automated Compliance Checking
Natural Language Processing for Building Code Interpretation: A Systematic Literature Review
Defeasible Reasoning for Automated Building Code Compliance Checking
Digitalisation of the New Zealand Building Industry: Capturing the Benefits of Digital Technologies on the Design, Construction and Management of Buildings
A case study on 'BIMCHAIN': A tool that leverages blockchain technology to improve trust in the data exchanged in a BIM environment
Instructional Mechanisms in Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Games: Earthquake Emergency Training for Children
Towards a Customisable Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Game for Earthquake Emergencies Training
An Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Game to Enhance Earthquake Behavioral Responses and Post-earthquake Evacuation Preparedness in Buildings
Simplified Schema Queries for Supporting BIM-Based Rule-Checking Applications
User Elicited Hand Gestures for VR-based Navigation of Architectural Designs
Qualitative and Traceable Calculations for Building Codes
Classifying IFC Entities by Their Relative Importance for Accurate Interoperability Measurement
Computerising the New Zealand Building Code for Automated Compliance Audit
Maintainable Process Model Driven Online Legal Experts Systems
Systematic Framework for Post-earthquake Bridge Inspection through UAV and 3D BIM Reconstruction
Data visualization of multiple time-series datasets in a 3D environment
Leveraging blockchain technology in a BIM workflow: a literature review
From a meagre 'testing for interoperability' to the 'measurement of interoperability' in BIM
Climate-smart housing: A thermal comfort approach
Automated UAV Route Planning for Bridge Inspection Using BIM-GIS Data
BIM-Supported Compliance Verification of Performance-based Car-park Ventilation Design
Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality
Prototyping Virtual Reality Serious Games for Building Earthquake Preparedness: The Auckland City Hospital Case Study
Maintainable Process Model Driven Online Legal Experts Systems
Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Games for Evacuation Training and Research: A Systematic Literature Review
DCTracVis: a system retrieving and visualizing traceability links between source code and documentation
A Hand Gesture Set for Navigating and Interacting with 3D Virtual Environments
BIM-based Compliance Audit Requirements for Building Consent Processing
BIM-based Compliant Design of Composite Structures Under Severe Fire Conditions
Using IFC to Support Enclosure Fire Dynamics Simulation
Information Model Purposes in Building and Facility Design
Enabling Automated Compliance Audit of Architectural Design
Understanding Knowledge Management in Agile Software Development Practice
Reflection in Agile Retrospective
Automating Conventional Compliance Audit Processes
The Need for Enhancing Earthquake Evacuee Safety by Using Virtual Reality Serious Games
The Critical Role of the Accessible Data for BIM-based Automated Rule Checking Systems
Evaluating LegalDocML and LegalRuleML as a Standard for Sharing Normative Information in the AEC/FM Domain
A Case Study in Data Visualization for Linked Building Information Model and Building Management System Data
Understanding the Roles of the Manager in Agile Project Management
Computerising Regulatory Knowledge for Compliant Fire Engineering Design
Modelling and Accessing Regulatory Knowledge for Computer-Assisted Compliance Audit
Knitting Patterns: Managing design complexity with computation
Steel Framing Construction with AR Onsite
Super-structure and super-structure free design search space representations for a building spatial design in multi-disciplinary building optimisation
Using BIM to Support Simulation of Compliant Building Evacuation
Steel Framing Construction with AR Onsite
Supporting BIM Adoption and Implementation - Case New Zealand
Integrating the BIM Rule Language into Compliant Design Audit Processes
Does the "Project Manager" still exist in Agile Software Development Projects?
Semantic Geographic Space: From Big Data to Ecosystems of Data
A Nonlinear Model for Mouse Pointing Task Movement Time Analysis Based on Both System and Human Effects
Proceedings of CIB W78 Conference on IT in Construction
Examining Dynamic Control-Display Gain Adjustments to Assist Mouse-Based Pointing for Youths with Cerebral Palsy
Querying a Regulatory Model for Compliant Building Design Audit
Analysis of the Evolving IFC Schema
The Physical - Virtual Nexus
Regulatory Knowledge Encoding Guidelines for Automated Compliance Audit of Building Engineering Design
Towards Designing Assistive Software Applications for Discrete Trial Training
MANSION-GS: seMANtics as the n-th dimenSION for Geographic Space
Automated Compliance Audit of Fire Engineering Design
Designing an Educational Tabletop Software for Children with Autism
New Zealand BIM Handbook: A Guide to Enabling BIM on Building Projects
Computer-aided Compliance Audit to Support Performance-based Fire Engineering Design
Modelling Metropolitan Activity through Abductive Reasoning on Geographic Space
A Dynamic Adjustment of Control-Display Gain Based on Curvature Index
Proceedings of AMIDDS - Architectural Management & IDDS
Addressing Semantic Geographic Information Systems
Architecture, computing, and design assistance
Bringing Semantic Resources together in the Cloud: from Theory to Application
Exploring the Synergies between BIM and Lean Construction to Deliver Highly Integrated Sustainable Projects
Fabricate it, paint it - and don't wait up: Separating fact from fiction in digitally sponsored fabrication
Ecosystem Information Models : Visualising complex data to support collaborative decision-making
Developing a Building Information Modelling Educational Framework for the Tertiary Sector in New Zealand
myInterior: AR Supporting Interior Design
Regulatory Knowledge Representation for Automated Compliance Audit of BIM-based models
Computer-assisted Regulatory Compliance Checking
Automated Building Code Compliance Checking - Where is it at?
Development of Robust Traceability Benchmarks
Music Education using Augmented Reality with a Head Mounted Display
Research Roadmap Report: Integrated Design & Delivery Solutions (IDDS)
Proceedings of the 2011 CIB W078-W102 Conference: Computer, Knowledge, Building
Snagging: An Investigation of Location-based Services
Avatars at a Meeting
Considering Visual Aesthetics as a Part of the HCI Curriculum
Methodologies for Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning Application Design
BIM Now and Forever
IT Defining the Future Workplace
Digital Ecologies: A shifting paradigm for construction
I think therefore i-Phone
Analysis of Reference IFC Models
CONSTRUCTION AIDs: Augmented Information Delivery
Kinect to Architecture
Beyond BIM - It's Not the End of the Road!
The Impact of Qualification on the Application of Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning Calculi
Technical Challenges for Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions in Civil and Building Engineering
An Open Repository of IFC Data Models and Analyses to Support Interoperability Deployment
Sketch, Click, Plug and Play: Accelerated Design of Virtual Environments by Integrating Multimedia and Sketch Content into Game Engines
IDDS Priority Theme Workshop Notes
Challenges for Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions
Qualitative design support for engineering and architecture
H-complexity metric for qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning applications
Towards a theory of application for QSTR systems
Unit testing for qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning
Integrated data mapping for a software meta-tool
Virtual Reality User Interfaces for the Effective Exploration and Presentation of Archaeological Sites
Technical challenges for Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions
(Keynote) Technical Challenges for IDS
Integrated Design & Delivery Solutions
Indexing the Java API Using Source Code
A Better BIM: Ideas from other Industries
A Framework for Applying Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
Sharing Building Information using the IFC Data Model for FDS Fire Simulation
Development Framework for Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning Systems
Towards a second generation Topic Maps engine
Document Management in Concurrent Life Cycle Design and Construction
A Decision Support Software Tool for Reasoning About the Subjective Impressions of a Lighting Installation
A System for Querying With Qualitative Distances in Networks
A Framework for Supporting the Application of Qualitative Spatiotemporal Reasoning
A Framework for Supporting the Application of Qualitative Spatiotemporal Reasoning
BIM in 2007 - are we there yet?
Generating Fire Dynamics Simulator geometrical input using an IFC-based building information model
International Workshop on Global Roadmap and Strategic Actions for ICT in Construction
Usage Patterns of the Java Standard API
Utilisation of Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in Geographic Information Systems
Computer-Human Interaction Issues when Integrating Qualitative Spatial Reasoning into Geographic Information Systems
Testing Semantic Interoperability
Peer Teaching Extends HCI Learning
A Java Reuse Repository for Eclipse using LSI
Preservation of Meaning in Mapped IFCs
Integrating agent models and GIS: towards an extensible open source solution
CHINZ 2005 - Making CHI Natural
Shared Design Space
Automated Classification of A/E/C Web Content
A Framework for Game Engine Based Visualisations
Domain-Specific Visual Languages for Specifying and Generating Data Mapping Systems
Online Product Libraries: The State-of-the-art
Automated Data Mapping Specification via Schema Heuristics and User Interaction
eProduct Catalogues Using Web Services
Supporting standard data model mappings
Design Critique Inside a Multi-Player Game Engine
An architecture for efficient, flexible enterprise system integration
E-Product Catalogues
Proceedings of the CIB W78 Conference on Construction IT Bridging the Distance
StringCVE: Advances in a Game Engine-Based Collaborative Virtual Environment for Architectural Design
Ontology Specification for Design Communication
Information Technology for Construction: Recent Work and Future Directions
Mapping IFC Versions
Identification and Classification of A/E/C Web Sites and Pages
An Internet-based Building Simulation Quality Assurance System
A data mapping specification environment using a concrete business form-based metaphor
UDDI for a Manufactured Product Brokering Service
Information Technology for Construction: Recent Work and Future Directions
Information Technology for Construction: Recent Work and Future Directions
Information Services to Enable European Construction Enterprises: An Overview of the I-SEEC European Union Project
I-SEEC: An Internet Gateway to European Construction Resources
The Evolving CONNET Gateway to European Construction Resources
A design proposal for an internet based Simulation Quality Control Tool
Misconceptions about Integrated Project Databases
I-SEEC: Information Services To Enable European Construction Enterprises
Proceedings of UK National Conference on Objects and Integration for Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Architectural foundations of a construction information network
CONNET - Design Issues
External Product Library - An Implementation of the Industry Foundation Classes Release 2.0 Model
National Standards Details Library - An Electronic Library of Parametric CAD Details
Product Libraries - Technology Review
Misconceptions of an IPDB
The UK Technical Information Centre
CONNET: A Gateway to Europe's Construction Information
Electronic News Service for the European Construction Industry
(Keynote)Integrating Construction Information: An Old Challenge Made New
I-SEEC Data Representation and API Specification
CONNET: CONstruction information service NETwork
ICAtect-II: A Framework for the Integration of Building Design Tools
A Survey and Analysis of Integrated Project Databases
CAD Interfaces to the ARROW Manufactured Product Server
CONNET Data Model and API
Integration - A Manager's Guide
Strategic Advice on the IPDB
Business Benefits of Standards for Information Exchange and Sharing
Overall Progress Review of the DETR Networks
ToCEE:WP-A:Design Process:Verification II
ToCEE:WP-B:Construction Process:Verification II
ToCEE:WP-G:Document Modelling:Documentation of the Server and Tools
Language for Describing Construction Knowledge
Proceedings of the second European Conference on Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry
Translation of Manufacturer's Product Data for the ARROW Product Search System
The Construction Information Gateway
A UK Survey of Integrated Project Databases
Obtaining Quality Manufactured Product Information Through ARROW
Concurrent Engineering Support with an Advanced DMS
The ARROW Data Model
The Building Construction Core Model
ToCEE:WP-A:Design Process:Verification I
ToCEE:WP-B:Construction Process:Verification I
A Generalised Framework for the Design and Construction of Integrated Design Systems
A Concurrent Engineering IT Environment for the Building Construction Industry
A Framework for Concurrent Engineering - ToCEE
Product Models in Design and Engineering
Documents as an Enabling Mechanism for Concurrent Engineering in the Construction Industry
Conceptual Modelling of a Concurrent Engineering Environment
Project Control in an Integrated Building Design System
The ARROW Framework for Object Warehouses
The Future of the BREED Model
ToCEE:WP-G:Document Modelling:Concepts
Adding a code conformance tool to an integrated building design environment
The UK Industry Knowledge Base Feasibility Study
Knowledge-Based Systems and the Internet: A Future Perspective
Support for constructing environments with multiple views
ToCEE Migration Perspectives
ToCEE:WP-G:Document Modelling:Requirements
Review of Capabilities of OLE for Design and Modelling Applications
A Process Model of BRE's Building 16
Support for Collaborative, Integrated Software Development
Directions in Modelling Environments
A Framework for the Integration of Design Tools
A Review of Computerised Standards Support in New Zealand
A Declarative Approach to Inter-Schema Mappings
A Multi-Paradigm Mapping Method Survey
Mappings for Integrating Design Tools
Integrated Building Design Research at Auckland University
Keeping Things Consistent
A Comparison of Mapping Methods Available Within the Product Modeling Arena
An Integrated Building Design Environment
Multi-Disciplinary Views for Integrated and Concurrent Design (jnl)
Mappings: The Glue in an Integrated System
Constraint Modelling
Collaborative, Integrated Software Development with Multiple Views
A Mapping Language for Views
Multi-Disciplinary Views for Integrated and Concurrent Design (conf)
Multi-Disciplinary Views to an Integrated Simulation Environment
A Set Theoretic Exchange Executive
Integrating Design Tools for Total Building Evaluation
New Zealand Weather Data for DOE2 and SUNCODE-PC
The Creation of Weather Data Files to Fulfil the Simulation Needs of New Zealand
The Application of RADIANCE to Daylighting Simulation
COMBINE Project Windows Modelling Approach
ThermalDesigner: an application of an object-oriented code conformance architecture
Integrating Design Tools: Model Flexibility for the Building Profession
Defining Multi-Disciplinary Views of a Computer Model of Buildings
Generic Models in the Design of Solar Commercial Buildings
Integrating Design Tools: An Object-Oriented Approach
An Augmented Frame Representation for Building Designs
Integrating Design Tools for Building Design
Solar Modelling of Commercial Buildings
ICAtect: Integrating Design Tools for Preliminary Architectural Design
Standard Data Files for computer thermal simulation of solar low energy non-residential buildings
Knowledge Representation for Integrating Design Tools
A Line Drawing Modeler
Developing a Building Energy Data Base in SAS

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