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I am now an honorary academic, no longer lecturing or supervising students. Potential graduate students or interns: please see our research overview and our postgraduate options.

My book "Network Geeks - How They Built the Internet" came out in April 2013. You can get it from the usual places, on paper or as an eBook. Here's the publisher's page, and here's the errata page.

For a short biography, look here. For my official University of Auckland profile, look here.
(Please note that my university telephone number is no longer operational.)
Non-university email: brian.e.carpenter AT

Three ways of looking at me (1997, 2005, 2009).

My research interests are focussed on Internet infrastructure issues, especially lower-layer protocols. In recent years I have been active in Internet protocol design, mainly in the IETF. I am particularly interested in the much-needed deployment of IPv6 and in autonomic networking. See Autonomic Networking Gets Serious and GeneRic Autonomic Signaling Protocol (GRASP) - An Introduction.

I am also interested in the history of computing.


Selected talks.

Some bits and pieces.

To hear what I thought about things in 1993, listen to my interview on Internet Talk Radio broadast on November 10 that year.

The world's central registry of IPv4 addresses ran out in 2011, so all remaining spare addresses will soon be allocated. It is high time for everyone running network services to support IP version 6 (IPv6), providing trillions of new addresses. Use of IPv6 in the Internet is growing fast, and IPv6 works on all modern PCs and smartphones.

Click to test IPv6. If your service provider doesn't offer IPv6, complain!

For more on IPv6 click here.

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