Note: Talks given at IETF meetings are not shown here, and can be found in the IETF proceedings. Most of my recent talks have been at the IETF.

GeneRic Autonomic Signaling Protocol (GRASP) - An Introduction

Autonomic Networking in Limited Domains (APAN Research Workshop, Auckland, 2018)

Experience with IPv6 path probing with Habib Naderi (IEPG meeting, Honolulu, November 2014)

The Alan Turing centenary - Three closely related talks were prepared for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing:

Searching for the scaly NAT-eater (The referral problem), (Netos, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, May 2012)

BGP scaling revisited, (IEPG Meeting, Taipei, China, November 2011)

Observations on Individual TCP Flows Behavior prepared and presented by Lei QIAN (ISCIT 2011, Hangzhou, China, October 2011)

IPv6 Only (NZNOG conference, January 2011)

Efficiency of IPv4 - IPv6 Translators with Se-young Yu and Nevil Brownlee (IEPG meeting, Beijing, November 2010)

Professorial Inaugural Lecture (The University of Auckland, September 2010)

New Zealand and Ireland: IPv4 Exhaustion and IPv6 Deployment Challenges for Islands (Keynote, Irish IPv6 Summit, Dublin, Ireland, May 2010).

IPv4 Exhaustion and IPv6 State of the Union (Seminar, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA, April 2010)

BGP growth over 15 years, or Is the Internet really just a star network after all? (Keynote at APRICOT 2010, March 2010)

Scenarios for IPv6 Deployment (NZNOG conference, January 2010)

University of Auckland IPv6 deployment (IPv6 Hui, August 2009)

Observed Relationships between Size Measures of the Internet, or Is the Internet really just a star network after all? (Seminar, University of Cambridge, June 2009)

Renumbering still needs work (NZNOG conference, January 2009)

The Internet: Where did it come from? (Plenary talk at ISITA, Auckland, NZ, December 2008)

PlanetLab Auckland (presented by proxy in panel session at PDCAT08, Dunedin, NZ, December 2008)

Some multi-year graphs (IEPG Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, July 2008)

Routing research issues (presented remotely to the Internet2/ESNET Joint Techs Workshop, Lincoln, Nebraska, July 2008)

The Internet: Where did it come from? (IET NZ Prestige Lecture 2008)

Routing research issues (Victoria Univ., Wellington, NZ, May 2008)

IPv6 deployment (Univ. of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ, May 2008)

NRENs in Europe (ATNAC 2007, Christchurch, NZ, December 2007)

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