Sketching node and edge graphs by hand is a quick and easy design process, not mired by clumsy interfaces or constrained by the drag and drop tools. However hand drawn graphs can become convoluted as more nodes and edges are added. The need to be able to rearrange the graph quickly becomes apparent. Furthermore a formal beautified copy of the graph may be required.

'Graph Layout' is a graphing program that supports both low and high fidelity graph rendering. It runs on a Tablet PC to take advantage of the pen. The user can create a graph by sketching or through drag and drop interaction.  Alterations made in either mode are reflected in both the sketch and beautified versions of the graph.

'Graph Layout' uses optimization algorithms to allow the transformation of tangled graphs into ones that are easy to understand and follow. This required reflow and distribution of the digital ink while keeping the graphs structure: nodes and edges are moved and stretched so that they maintain a hand drawn appearance. Graph Layout gives the user the best of both low and high fidelity design.

Applying Layout Algorithms to Hand-drawn Graphs, OZCHI2007