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My first degree was in Philosophy/Psychology, followed by an MA (Hons) in Philosophy, focused on metaphysics, logic, theory of mind and theory of language. I have also completed a BSc, Certificate of Academic Practice, and a PhD in Computer Science Education. I joined the Computer Science Department in 1995 and have been involved primarily in undergraduate teaching since that time. I am currently a Senior Lecturer.

My research area is Computer Science Education, focused on techniques and technologies that support the development of learning communities. I am currently involved in studies of systems that support students contributing to the learning of other students, such as Aropa, PeerWise, CodeWrite and StudySieve. I am also interested in analysing the work product of students to determine what we can learn about the difficulties of programming.


Dr. Andrew Luxton-Reilly
Computer Science Department,
The University of Auckland,
Auckland, NZ
+64 9 373 7599 x 85654