School of Computer Science

PGDipSci Facts

The Postgraduate Diploma in Science is a 120-point programme consisting of eight 15-point postgraduate courses. It usually takes one year of full-time study or it can be done part-time but needs to be completed in four years from initial enrolment.

Entry requirements

Applicants for the PGDipSci must have achieved a high standard in a bachelors degree or Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from a recognised University to be eligible. In particular, applicants with a BSc or GradDipSci in Computer Science from this University need to have completed four Stage III Computer Science courses with a B average.

Students who have not achieved this average grade should enrol in some Stage III COMPSCI courses to improve their average before applying for admission. Students take the extra courses under the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) programme. 

Course selection

PGDipSci students should select 600 or 700-level COMPSCI courses with the guidance and approval of the Diploma Coordinator. Up to two courses from other subjects may be also chosen. Selection can be made from our courses.

The course selection can include up to three of COMPSCI 601, 602, 751, 761 and 771. Students taking these courses will attend lectures and do the coursework and exam for a corresponding Stage III COMPSCI course. In addition to the coursework, students opting for these courses are required to produce a report by the end of semester. Students must pass the report component as well as the exam to pass the course as a whole.

PGDipSci students may also choose supervised, self-directed research courses. COMPSCI 780 is a 15-point project course and COMPSCI 691 is a 30-point dissertation. Students must find a supervisor from the Computer Science staff and get the approval of the Diploma Coordinator before enrolling in these courses. Students cannot take both COMPSCI 780 and COMPSCI 691.

It is important to note that only a maximum enrolment of 160 points is permitted. This means that students can fail only two courses. The programme will be discontinued after a third fail.


Overseas applicants

An undergraduate degree from an overseas university is unlikely to be completely equivalent in style and content to a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Auckland. It pays to keep in mind that our postgraduate courses presume that students have the knowledge base provided by our undergraduate courses. Overseas students benefit from time to adjust to the New Zealand style of education and study.

For this reason, some students coming from overseas universities who apply for a PGDipSci may be encouraged to take a Graduate Diploma in Computer Science instead, as preparation for postgraduate study here.

All applicants should consult the Diploma Coordinator for advice.