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Life as it could be

Dr Matthew Egbert’s research into Artificial Life lies at the interface between philosophy and science, attempting to address some of our biggest questions. Read more about his research on page 9 of InSCight magazine.

The internet of troubles

In a world where we will have 30 billion internet capable devices by 2020, the ‘internet of things’ is more accurately the ‘internet of troubles’ for those in cyber security trying to stay ahead of the game.

  • Guarding against the internet of troubles
    01 December 2017
    The new Cyber Security Foundry launched on Wednesday 29 November with a focus on developing more secure and resilient 'cyber' infrastructures.
  • Barriers to refactoring makes front cover
    03 November 2017
    Associate Professor Ewan Tempero's article about whether or not to refactor, features on the front cover of the latest ACM online magazine! Read about the process of changing a software system in such a way that does not alter the external behaviour of the code, and watch the authors discuss their work.
  • Major funding boost for Science at University of Auckland
    02 November 2017
    Thirteen research projects across mathematics, computer science, cosmology, astrobiology, biological sciences, statistics, chemistry and psychology are funded with $8,778,000 from the Marsden Fund for 2017.