Department of Computer Science

Welcome to New Zealand's leading computer science department. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our staff and our students. 

  • New Zealand Programming Contest 2016
    22 July 2016
    The New Zealand Programming Contest (NZPC) will be held on Saturday August 6th this year. This contest is in preparation for the Regional ACM Programming Contest, which will be held later on in the year.
  • Computer Science student success
    24 June 2016
    Congratulations to Computer Science student Etuate Cocker, the first successful Computer Science PhD student to come from the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • Actigaze: New technology from Computer Science
    24 June 2016
    Actigaze™, fast and reliable eye gaze interaction for the agility impaired, is a new technology developed by Dr Gerald Weber and Dr Christof Lutteroth (Computer Science) that has won the Health Tech Award 2016 at the New Zealand MedTech CoRE conference, held in June.