The Myra Cohen Department of Computer Science

GradDipSci Facts

The Graduate Diploma in Science (GradDipSci) in Computer Science is a qualification that is offered to students with degrees in other subjects or with extensive computing experience to give them the benefit of a formal qualification in Computer Science. It brings their knowledge base up to the level of a Bachelor in Computer Science.

Entry requirements

To be eligible for a GradDipSci, a student must have a previous degree from a recognised institution. Ideally, this should be a science degree but other degrees are acceptable as well.

The GradDipSci applicant must have completed courses similar to our two core Stage I courses, COMPSCI 101 Principles of Programming and COMPSCI 105 Principles of Computer Science. Many students start by doing these courses part-time as part of the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) programme or the Transitional Certificate (TransCert) progamme and then progress to the Graduate Diploma proper the following semester.

The Diploma Coordinator will assess your eligibility for this program. Please arrange an appointment to discuss your course of study with him at



This is a 120-point programme made up of eight 15-point courses. It usually takes one year to complete, although it is often done part-time.

Students will enrol in Stage II and Stage III COMPSCI courses. All courses must be above Stage I and at least 5 courses must be above Stage II. Typically this consist of 3 Stage II courses and 5 Stage III courses. The Department recommends students take two of COMPSCI 210, 215 or 220, and one of 230 or 280 in the first semester, and 4 Stage III courses in the second semester. It may be helpful to check the details of our courses.

This is similar to the requirements for a major for the BSc in Computer Science.