School of Computer Science

Course planning

Planning a course of study can be complicated at times. Advice is available both online and from school and faculty staff members.

Degree planning

Students can get help planning their programme of study from the staff at the Science Student Centre in Room G016 on the ground floor of the Maths/Physics Building (Building 303). With their guidance, students can select suitable courses and complete a degree planner.

You can also get course advice from our Undergraduate Advisers.

Keep in mind the requirements for a major in Computer Science when you are choosing your courses.

If you are doing a single major in Computer Science, or taking Computer Science as your first major of a double major, you must do:

  • 60 points (4 courses) from COMPSCI 210–280
  • 60 points (4 courses) from COMPSCI 313–393
  • 15 points (1 course) from one other Stage III Science course. This can be a COMPSCI course.

If you are doing a double major and Computer Science is your second major, then you must do:

  • 45 points (3 courses) from COMPSCI 210–280
  • 45 points (3 courses) from COMPSCI 313–393

Note: You can study a major and a specialisation as a double major.

More detailed information about planning your BSc can be found on Planning your Bachelor of Science


How to choose your Stage II courses

You must take at least 4 Stage II COMPSCI courses if you want to major in Computer Science. Have a look at the Stage III courses first, to ensure that you are choosing the correct Stage II prerequisites for the Stage III courses you want to do.

You can also consult the recommended pathways in Computer Science on page 19 of the Handbook.


How to choose your Stage III courses

To major in Computer Science, you have to take 4 Stage III COMPSCI courses, plus one other Stage III course chosen from the BSc Schedule. This can be another Stage III COMPSCI course.

If you are planning to go on to postgraduate study, you should look at the entry requirements for the programme you are interested in.


Failed a course?

If you have failed a course, you can enrol in it a second time on Student Services Online.

If you have failed a course twice, you will need to apply for a concession.

The School of Computer Science does not allow third time enrolments into courses, unless the student applying has passed all courses taken the previous semester.


Timetable clash?

If you have a timetable clash, apply for a concession.

The School of Computer Science will generally not approve concessions for timetable clashes of more than one hour per week. Students with low GPAs may also not be granted concessions for clashes.


Thinking about doing postgrad?

To be eligible for a Bachelor of Science (Honours) (BSc(Hons)) or Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) in Computer Science, you should have completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

To be eligible for the BSc(Hons), you need at least to have 90 points (6 courses) above Stage II, including at least a B average in 45 points (3 courses) in Computer Science.

PGDipSci candidates must have at least a B average in 4 COMPSCI courses (60 points) at Stage III.

If you are planning to take either of these programmes, you should note that only a maximum enrolment of 160 points is permitted, which means that your programme will be discontinued if you fail more than 2 courses.


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