School of Computer Science

Internet and Mobile Computing


Satellite Internet is a vital link to the world for people in remote areas. Compared with terrestrial service, a satellite link has longer latencies, limited bandwidth, and poor performance. We are investigating configurations and innovative solutions to improve satellite link utilisation, performance and user experience. Services Computing aims to provide computing technology to perform business and personal tasks securely and effectively. We are developing techniques that help people to discover, select and compose services that carry out their tasks easily and securely.

Our general research interests include:

  • Applications of information theory
  • Simulation of satellite Internet communication
  • Internet measurement
  • Service composition
  • Protecting user security and privacy in services computing


Members (academic staff or PhD students):

Academic staff:
Aniket Mahanti, Ulrich SpeidelXinfeng YeSathiamoorthy Manoharan

Hans Chou

PhD students:
Lei Qian, Xiaojie Liu, Khamdi Mubarok, Jun Seo, YuFeng Deng

More information:

Simulation of satellite Internet communication project (link