Computer Science

Undergraduate Project in Computer Science: COMPSCI 380 Summer School

Prerequisites: An excellent academic record and departmental approval required.

Assessment: 100% on course assessment - project report.

Description: The project consists of supervised independent research or development work on a topic related to Computer Science.

Enrolment: You will need to find a staff member to supervise your project before you are permitted to enrol in this course, and you will also need the permission of the Computer Science Project Coordinator. The signatures of the supervisor and the Project Coordinator are required on the Enrolment Approval Form. The Student Administrator will enrol you in this course once the completed Enrolment Approval Form has been received.

How to find a supervisor:
Check out the staff research interests
Email your prospective supervisor with the following information:

  • Why you are contacting them
  • A copy of your academic transcript
  • A proposed area of interest
  • Your ID number

Submission: The project report is due at 5pm on the Monday after the last day of lectures in the semester of your enrolment in COMPSCI 380. Email an electronic copy of your report to your supervisor and the Student Administrator who will log your submission.

Note: It can take some time to examine your project report. You may not receive your grade in time to attend the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Relevant links:
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