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Game Technology

COMPSCI 777 S2 C (2006)

This web page has been last updated on the 15th October 2006

Lecturers Assoc.-Prof. Ian Watson
Dr. Burkhard Wuensche ( supervisor )
Office hours Burkhard: Friday 9am-11pm
Ian: To be announced
Scheduled lectures Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12-1pm in room 279 (CS Seminar Room)

Week 1: Please attend lectures to listen to introduction about topics and to select projects.
Week 2: Lectures on Thursday and Friday for group topic presentations
Week 3-6: No lectures
Week 7: Interim presentations and demos
Week 8-10: No lectures
Week 11-12: Final presentations and demos There will be weekly project meetings until the final presentation.
Assessment 60% examination, 10% presentation and participation, 10% interim report, 20% final report (group assessed)
Exam Date 6th November (Monday), 2.15pm (City campus) (subject to change, please always check nDeva)
1. The class website is, containing lecture handouts, assignments, notices, etc.
2. A forum for class discussions is available at Use this (with discretion) to discuss issues related to coursework, by posting questions and by offering answers.

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