I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, The University of Auckland. I completed my P.hD. at the Department of Computer Science, University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Research Interest

  • data science, knowledge discovery and data mining
  • handling concept drifts and reoccuring models
  • association rule mining and pattern mining
  • anomaly detection
  • social network analysis
  • information retrieval


Publications listed in DBLP and Google Scholar.
Some of my selected publications can be viewed here as well.

Professional Activities (2014 - 2017)

Program Committee:

2018 PAKDD, ECML/PKDD, Australian Data Mining Conference (PC Chair), ACM SigKDD (Applied Data Science Track)
2017 PAKDD, ECML/PKDD, Australian Data Mining Conference, ACM SigKDD (Applied Data Science Track)
2016 ECML/PKDD, Australian AI Conference, Australian Data Mining Conference, ACM SigKDD (Applied Data Science Track), KDIR
2015 IJCAI (ML Track), ECML/PKDD, Australian Data Mining (AusDM), IJCAI (ML Track), SIGKDD (Industry Track), Australasian Document Computing Symposium
2014  ECML/PKDD, Australian Data Mining (AusDM), Australasian Document Computing Symposium
Organizing Committee:
2016 Local Arrangement Chair for PAKDD
2015 Publicty Chair for CIKM

Expert System and Application, IEEE TKDE, DKE, Neurocomp, IJDWM, KAIS, WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery


Current Supervision

    PhD Candidates
  1. Sandeep Perera (2018) - Concept Drift Detection for the Deep Learning Platform for GP Referral Triage (co-supervised with Dr Gill Dobbie) funded by PDH grant
  2. Shuxiang Zhang (2018) - Concept Drift Detection (co-supervised with Dr Gill Dobbie)
  3. Alex Peng (2017) - Deep Learning (co-supervised with Dr Pat Riddle)
  4. Diana Benavides Prado (2016) - Meta Learning and Transfer Learning (co-supervised with Dr Pat Riddle)
  5. Robert Anderson (2016) - Data Stream Mining (co-supervised with Prof Gill Dobbie)
  6. Monica Bian (2015) - Social Network Mining (co-supervised with Prof Gill Dobbie)
  7. Ian Wong (2016) - Feature Selection and Engineering (co-supervised with Prof Gill Dobbie)

Graduated Students

PhD Students
David T.J. Huang Change Mining and Analysis for Data Streams 2016
Sidney Tsang Fraud Detection in Online Auctions 2015
Mohammad Abdullatif Towards Unsupervised Citation Classification 2015

Masters Research Students
Jiazhen Chen Vehicle emission prediction using remote sensing data and machine learning techniques 2018
Kylie Chen* Proactive Drift Detection in Data Stream 2016
Eric Lim Unsupervised Density- and Anomaly-based Intrusion Detector in Networks 2016
Monica (Ran Ran) Bian* Frequent Graph Mining in Data Streams 2015
Minmin Zhang* Change Detection in Pattern Stream Mining 2014
Thomas Lynch Detection of Regular Patterns in Data Streams 2013

Masters Professional Students
Yifan Zhang Detecting Initial Change Points in Data Streams 2018
Seoung Woon So Text Classification using WordNet 2017
Manish Kukjeja* ABCD-SE: Automatic Bayesian Covariance Discovery with Stable Extrapolation 2016
Rong Li Shilling Detection for Recommender Systems 2016
Wenting Yang Expected Drift Probability (EDP) Adapted Concept Drift Detection 2016
Zude Li Phishing Detection on Twitter 2016
Yihuan Wang Applying Rank Correlation Statistics in Structural Drift Detection for Transactional Data Stream 2016
Michael Jun Xing Web bots detection for Massive Multi Role Playing Game. 2016
Robert Anderson* StreamXM - An adaptive clustering solution for evolving data streams 2015
* Best masters thesis

Visiting Students

  1. RĂ©mi Somdecoste-Lespoune from Enseirb-Matmeca, France (2015)
  2. Wei Zhou Chongqing University, China (2014)