7th TFCV workshop 1994 (Dagstuhl):

Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision

W.G. Kropatsch, Technical University Vienna, Austria
R. Klette, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
F. Solina, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, (editors)


Daniilidis, K. (Kiel): 
Attentive Visual Motion Processing: Computations in the Log-Polar Plane

Eckhardt, U., Latecki, L. (Hamburg): 
Invariant Thinning and Distance Transform

Flusser, J., Suk, T., Saic, S. (Prague): 
Recognition of Images Degraded by Linear Motion Blur without Restoration

Gimel'farb, G. L. (Budapest): 
Symmetric Bi- and Trinocular Stereo: Tradeoffs between Theoretical 
Foundations and Heuristics

Klette, R. (Berlin): 
Surface from Motion - without and with Calibration

Kropatsch, W. G. (Vienna): 
Properties of Pyramidal Representations

Leonardis, A. (Ljubljana): 
A Robust Approach to Estimation of Parametric Models

Roerdink, J. B. T. M. (Groningen): 
Computer Vision and Mathematical Morphology

Schnörr, C., Sprengel, R., Neumann, B. (Hamburg): 
A Variational Approach to the Design of Early Vision Algorithms

Skarbek, W. (Saitama): 
Banach Constructor and Image Compression

Sloboda, F., Zat'ko, B. (Bratislava): 
Piecewise Linear Approximation of Planar Jordan Curves and Arcs: Theory and Applications

Solina, F. (Ljubljana):
Segmentation with Volumetric Part Models

Weickert, J. (Kaiserslautern): 
Theoretical Foundations of Anisotropic Diffusion in Image Processing

Weinshall, D., Werman, M., Tishby, N. (Jerusalem): 
Stability and Likelihood of Views of Three Dimensional Objects

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