Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns

Proceedings of the IVth International Conference CAIP'91

Dresden, September 17-19, 1991

edited by

Reinhard Klette

Akademie Verlag, Berlin 1991

ISBN 3-05-501299-2 DM118.- 280 pages
Akademie Verlag GmbH, Mühlenstr. 33-34, D-13187 Berlin, Germany


Image reconstruction and 3D vision

B. Gudmundsson, M. Randen
Fast generation of volume projection sequences

W. L. Nowinski
Compression and parallel calculation of the projection matrix in image 

V. Steinhage, I. Daniels, A. Schick
A multi-view stereovision approach for polyhedron reconstruction

B. Michaelis, T. Heimburger
Compensation of motion blur in binary images

A. Koschan
Stereo metching using a new local disparity limit

Picture grammars and picture models

D. Scheppelmann, A. Springup, U. Engelmann, H.-P. Meinzer
A Gestalt model for texture

K. D. Tonnies, Ch. Daunis
Generation and display of an extended cell enumeration representation

P. Wang
Three-dimensional array grammars and object recognition

D. Gutfinger, R. Nishimura, H. Doi, J. Sklansky
Robust curve detection by temporal geodesics

Color picture processing

L. Bonsiepen, W. Coy
Stable segmentation using color information

Picture transform

R. Creutzburg, V.G. Labunets, E. V. Labunets
Fast spectral algorithms for invariant pattern recognition and image matching


H. Jahn, R. Reulke
Edge preserving smoothing based on a new image model

G. Stanke
Grey level controlled rank order filtering (for smoothing and sharpening of images)

P. A. Zalesskii, A. V. Tuzikov
Morphological filters and image symmetries

C. Kotropoulos, I. Pitas
Nonlinear filtering of speckle noise in ultrasonic images

L. P. Yaroslavsky
Local criteria, locally adaptive linear and rank filters and neural-like networks for 
picture processing


N. Merlet
From music staves to brain fissure through distance based energy function

A. Mosquera, D. Cabello, M. G. Penedo
Unsupervised textured image segmentation using Markov random field and 
clustering algorithms

A. Springup, D. Scheppelmann, H.-P. Meinzer
Segmentation of multisignal images with Kohonens selflearning tolopogical map

W. Eckstein, W. Glock
Development and implementation of methods for segmentation of bond-wedges

V. V. Gritsyk, R. M. Palenichka
An adaptive algorithm for image binary quantization and edge detection

H.-H. Seifert, D. Giewald
A contribution toward model driven segmentation and segmentation feedback

Picture topology

W. Wilhelmi
Image interpretation by algebraic topology

I. Pitas, A. Maglara, C. Kotropoulos
Morphological Voronoi tesselation and Delaunay triangulation

R. Göldner
A concept for recognition and description of line objects

N. M. Sirakov, I. Trebaticky
Calculation of the curvature of the edge of a road with the help of regularities

Classification and pattern analysis

D. Chetverikov, A. Lerch
Multiresolution shape matching

N. A. Nechval
A new approach to constructing exact tests for discrimination between models from 
separate families of hypothese

R. Creutzburg, A. Mathias
Fast algorithm for computing the fractal dimension of binary images


S. Frydrychowicz
A metric for comparing attributed relational models

J. Flusser
A feature-based approach to image matching

D. A. Denisov, A. K. Dudkin
Hypotheses construction and verification in image understanding


B. Balev, G. Sharkov
Knowledge representation in intelligent system for image analysis

K. Welz, C.-E. Liedtke
A blackboard system for distributed analysis of image sequences

F. Muge, P. Pina, C. Guimaraes
Applications of image analysis techniques to the characterization and quality control 
of natural resources

E. Decheva
Image processing in CAIS - An intelligent system for chromosome analysis and 


S. H. Joseph
Segmentation and aggregation of text from images of mixed text and graphics

S. Fuchs, G. Gruber, T. V. Cong
Strategies in image analysis

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