Jeanette Fitzsimmons to the Prime Minister

What actions have been taken by the Government Communications Security Bureau during the last two years to try to control the export, import or availability of communications encryption material, including, what are the names of the companies or individuals involved and the nature of the action in relation to them, what meetings have been attended by GCSB staff on this subject, what publications have been produced and what studies have been undertaken?


Hon Jenny Shipley (Prime Minister) to reply:

Responsibility for controls relating to the export of communications encryption materials rests with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of its general responsibility for the administration of New Zealands export controls under the Wassenaar Arrangement. The Government Communications Security Bureau's role in this regard is limited to the provision of technical advice to those officials in the Ministry who have responsibilities in this area and with whom GCSB staff have regular meetings [1]. The GCSB has issued no publications and undertaken no studies on this subject. There are no controls on the import of availability of such materials within New Zealand.

[1] MFAT always do exactly what the GCSB advise them to, however it really is only advice and the GCSB aren't running New Zealands export policy, honest! Note how this policy allows them to avoid giving a straight answer to the question which was asked.