(Reply due 16 December 1997)

Jeanette FITZSIMMONS to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Were any New Zealand Ministers or officials present at the meetings in Australia in September 1997 or at any other time that year which included the subject if[sic] key escrow and digital telephony policies; if so, what were the names or positions of the Ministers and officials present, what were the dates, venues and purposes of the meetings and who from other countries also attended the meetings?


Rt Hon Don McKINNON (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade) replied:

A policy officer from the International Security and Arms Control division of the Foreign Affairs and Trade[sic] attended a Working Meeting on International Cooperation on Cryptography Policy in Canberra from 9 to 11 July, organised by the Australian Attorney-General's Department. Similar representatives from 21 other countries attended as well as observers from the OECD and European Union Commission. The main purposes of the meeting were to discuss the OECD Guidelines on Cryptography and to raise awareness within governments of issues that needed to be addressed in building the Global Information Infrastructure. Key escrow received brief mention in the context of debate on law enforcement issues.