Peter Gutmann
24 Durness Pl.

12 February 1998

International Security and Arms Control Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Private Bag 18 901

Dear Sir/Madam,

Early last year you sent me a copy of "New Zealand's Controls on the Export of Strategic Goods". This document contains a great many references to various points of the Wassenaar Arrangement, which unfortunately isn't included with the control lists. As I understand it, this is a relatively short document which provides necessary background information for the strategic goods lists. Would it be possible for you to forward a copy of the Wassenaar Arrangement to me at the above address?

In addition, in the near future I hope to make a trip to the US to discuss computer security issues with various researchers and one or more US companies. As part of this trip, I would like to bring along a single copy of the cryptlib encryption software for my own use and possibly to demonstrate to interested parties. The other countries which enforce software export controls (mainly the US, Canada (to a very limited degree), and Australia) all have special exemptions for export for personal use in the form of temporary permits which require that the software be kept under the control of the exporter (in my case I'll keep it on me at all times). However the New Zealand control lists seem to have overlooked this, since they contain no mention of temporary exports or exports for personal use. Although in theory it might be possible to use the standard export forms, the results wouldn't make much sense (for example both the exporter and the consignee are myself, and the ultimate destination of the goods is the place where they started from). What steps would I have to go through in order to take a sample of the software overseas for my own use and possibly demonstration to interested parties [1], with the software itself never leaving my control?

Yours faithfully,

Peter Gutmann.

[1] The US and Australian temporary export provisions specifically forbid this. I wanted to see what the reaction would be if I asked for permission to do it.