DATE: 11 June 1996

TO: Auckland Customs, Export Section, AUCKLAND

CC: [Deleted], Cartnell[sic] Holdings, AUCKLAND

FROM: Matthew Broadhead



The Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade has no objection to the export of the "Paysafe" financial package, as detailed in the following application from [Deleted] dated 3 June provided that the description of the library is amended to read "64-bit DES"[1] and that the library is exported as "object" code, not "source" code.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Broadhead
for Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade

[1] Something which doesn't exist, ie "We have no objection to you exporting encryption, provided it's something which doesn't exist". Note also that the requirements are completely different to the ones for US export given just over a week before. In any case they still don't include key exchange or signature algorithms so that, along with the nonexistant "64-bit DES", the whole permit is completely useless because it doesn't allow the export of anything (or at least anything which exists).